How to Survive the ICU - Intake & Outake
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  Intake and Output
  Documentation of total intake is found on computer chart.  Arroww
  Report the intake and Outake "volumes" as indicicated below.
  You can get the 24 Hour "I&O Summary" section:

  Check the following when applicable:
   Drains. Describe output.
   Foley catheter. Describe color.
   Chest tube. Describe output.
   Nasogastric tube. Describe gastric contents.

  Example in trauma patient:  "Intake totalled 23028, output totalled
  14863 and the net was positive 8445cc...
Intake Includes:
  Crystalloids 18842 cc
  Colloids 500cc
  Blood 1500 cc
      Plasma 2186 cc
      Platelets - n/a

Total Parenteral Nutrition
  AA - n/a
  Lipids - n/a
  Feeds - n/a
Output Includes:
 Urine Output: 2463 cc
      (describe: yellow/bloody/tea-colored)
 Gastric: Nasogastric tube 200 cc
      (describe contents: green/black/bloody)
 Chest tube 320 cc
 Jackson Pratt 1 400cc
      (describe: serous/blood/sero-sanguinous/bilious)
 Jackson Pratt 2 200 cc
 Estimated Blood Loss (EBL) 1000 cc
 Bowel movement- n/a
Net: 8445 cc

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