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Undergraduate Programs
The HCOE provides training opportunities to undergraduate students in the HCOE laboratory. Training and academic support are also available through linkages to the Minority Biomedical Research Support (MBRS) programs, the UCSD Academic Enrichment Programs and the San Diego State University Health Careers Opportunity Program (SDSU HCOP) Health/Applied Health programs. We also assist undergraduates with their applications for NIH and Fogarty International Center (MIRT) minority research training grants. Students from Disadvantaged backgrounds and students in active undergraduate health careers organizations such as the Chicanos/Latinos for Creative Medicine (CCM) and Empowered Blacks United in Science (EBUS), also receive academic support from HCOE staff, HCOE Scholars, the Student National Medical Association and the Latino Medical Student Association. The HCOE provides academic support in the form of tutorials, supervision of health care research, support and assistance with applications to health professions schools, and assistance with community oriented volunteer and work experiences.

Community College Programs
The HCOE and the UCSD School of Medicine Office of Diversity and Community Partnerships with funding and support from the California Endowment provides academic enrichment activities for community college students through the UniversityLink Medical Science Program. Academic enrichment activities for community college students is also available through UCSD Academic Enrichment Programs.

Post-baccalaureate Programs
The HCOE and the UCSD School of Medicine Office of Diversity and Community Partnerships with funding and support from the California Endowment also provides a Post-baccalaureate reapplicant and first-time applicant program.

Medical School Programs
The HCOE concentrates on providing medical students with an opportunity to develop critical thinking skills in basic science, behavioral, public health and community health research on issues that affect under-served populations locally, regionally, and nationally. In order to achieve this task, HCOE Scholars are provided with opportunities for:

  • Special research methodology training;
  • Research throughout medical school;
  • Library courses and literature search training;
  • Training in writing and publishing papers;
  • Co-authorship on papers;
  • Research presentations at professional meetings;
  • Training in grant writing;
  • Teaching experience; and
  • A course in Biomedical Ethics.
Second year Hispanic medical students are recruited to become HCOE Scholars. Scholars receive per diem reimbursement from the HCOE while they are working on their research projects. Support is available in the program for 40 HCOE Scholars.

Faculty Programs
Faculty recruitment, training, and retention initiatives are designed to increase the number of Hispanic faculty in the School of Medicine and increase the number of junior faculty with the necessary qualifications to achieve promotion into full time faculty and tenured positions.

Potential faculty are identified from the pool of medical and graduate students, residents, and fellows. HCOE fellows and junior faculty are assigned an Academic File Coordinator who assists in the design of an "Academic Strategic Plan" that outlines the training required to prepare them to meet rigorous academic standards. Faculty and fellows are encouraged to participate in research training and faculty development programs such as NIH research training fellowships, the UCSD National Center of Leadership in Academic Medicine, the San Diego EXPORT Center and UCSD Extension programs in Healthcare Leadership and management.

Undergraduate |  Community College |  Post-baccalaureate |  Medical School |  Faculty

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