In addition to directly meeting the ongoing healthcare needs of 2,000 plus patients a year, at minimal cost, the SRFC Project creates a unique and invaluable learning opportunity for medical, pharmaceutical, dental and integrative medicine students. The SRFC Project is nationally recognized and serves as a model and a training ground for medical leaders countrywide who are seeking to better meet the needs of underserved and vulnerable populations.

Each year:
  • 2,000+ patients served
  • 250+ medical students trained in underserved medicine and community-based integrative healthcare
  • 100+ doctors, dentists, pharmacists serve as clinic volunteers and student advisors
  • We provide more than 59,000 volunteer hours and average more than 3 hours of volunteer service for every paid hour
Medical-student education: 
  • We are honored to provide transdisciplinary health care and training in partnership with students and faculty from a number of San Diego academic partners.

Max Wu, Carol Huang, Nicole Espinosa, Jessica Jocson