Medical Services: We provide comprehensive health care to people without access to care. The most common medical problems we address include diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, asthma, and depression. We also offer specialty clinic consultations including cardiology, dermatology, endocrinology, diabetes, neurology, ophthalmology, physical therapy, podiatry, psychiatry, and women's health.

Dental Services: We apologize that we can not accept new dental clinic patients at this time. While we wish that we could help everyone in need, we can not. For more information about the Free Dental Clinic, please visit For information on how and where to obtain low-cost dental service in San Diego, you may go to and click on "low-income clinics." You may also call 211 to get information on a wide variety of services available in San Diego county.

Affiliated Acupuncture Clinic: Pacific College of Oriental Medicine (PCOM) offers acupuncture services to interested patients in conjunction with the medical clinic.

Social and Community Service Referrals: Our social workers provide counseling for our patients in addition to helping them access other available services, including housing, access to health care, food, drug and alcohol addiction treatment, etc.

Legal Clinic: In partnership with California Western School of Law and attorneys from the community, we provide legal advice and referral services regarding issues such as immigration, family law, consumer law, and criminal law. Limited notary services are also available.

Health Counseling and Education: We provide counseling and health education on topics including first aid, nutrition, hepatitis, diabetes management, drug and alcohol addiction, smoking cessation, blood pressure surveillance, eye disease, and preventive care.

Education and Training for Medical Students: Medical students gain vital experience in primary care medicine, underserved medicine, public health, community service, and administration of health care. Students also learn about all aspects of clinic operation and participate in health promotion.

Education and Training for Pharmacy Students: Pharmacy students learn to educate patients and develop treatment plans along with attending pharmacists, physicians, and medical students. They also gain experience maintaining inventory and dispensing medications.