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Image bank web pages created by Andras Kovach and Andrew Mizisin, Ph.D.  Images were acquired by Andras Kovach under the direction of Andrew Mizisin, Ph.D. and Katsumi Miyai, M.D.,Ph.D.  Special thanks to Olivia Anonas, Histology Webmaster, and to Joshua Breslow and Chris Hopkins from the Office of Learning Resources.

Note: The images presented are from actual student slide sets and are not necessarily publication quality. These images were derived from slides purchased from Triarch and Ward's Biological, or from material provided by the Pathology Department of UCSD School of Medicine.

For more Histology images please see the Histology Look-Alike Learning Module by Marie Sohsman, Class of '07 (Medical Education Web Portal login required).

Epithelium and Connective Tissue

Cartilage and Bone

Muscle Tissue and Cardiovascular System

Lymphoid System

Respiratory and Integumentary Systems

Digestive System

Accessory Digestive Glands and Endocrine System

Renal and Male Reproductive Systems

Female Reproductive System


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