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Equipment Replacement Cycle

As has occurred in previous years, Medical Education expects to receive an equipment allocation for the current fiscal year from the Vice Chancellor's office that should meet most of the Division's needs. Equipment requests have now been incorporated into the annual budget process. Therefore, any routine equipment requests should have been made in the spring.

However we realize that issues sometimes arise after the budget process, and crucial items are needed to fulfill the mission of the organization during this fiscal year.  Please request for these crucial items by completing an on-line request form (Equipment Replacement Request Form). A brief justification is required for each item requested.

All requests will be reviewed, prioritized and purchasing decisions will be made shortly thereafter. Please note that SOM IT maintains a list of all computer hardware and strives to replace all computers when they are 3-4 years old, given adequate funding, regardless of whether or not a formal equipment request has been submitted.

Some of your equipment requests may be held until later in the fiscal year (June) so that we may be assured of adequate funding for all urgent and essential needs.

In order to determine equipment needs earlier in future fiscal years, please be prepared to provide future equipment requests during the budget development cycle for the upcoming fiscal year. I anticipate that the budget development cycle for the current fiscal year will begin in January/February.

If you have any questions about this process, please feel free to contact me at x 4-1394 or by email at rbarile@ucsd.edu.

Thank you.

Bobb Barile
Assistant Dean - Medical Education Administration


  • Please complete all required fields on the request form      * = required field
  • Optional: provide any vendor/purchasing information to assist the process
  • You will receive an email copy of your equipment request form after submission
  • Once the equipment fund allocations have been determined, you will be contacted regarding the status of your request

Only crucial necessary items should be submitted for consideration
during this fiscal year.

Other non-crucial items should be included in your requests
for the next budget cycle.


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