Application Process

California Residence

The laws governing the establishment of California residence for tuition purposes provide that residence can be established by adult citizens and by certain classes of adult aliens. Students seeking to be classified residents for tuition purposes upon admission must be able to provide evidence of having established residence in California for more than one year immediately preceding the residence determination date of the term for which such classification is sought, and must have relinquished any prior residence. PHYSICAL PRESENCE WITHIN THE STATE SOLELY FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES DOES NOT CONSTITUTE THE ESTABLISHMENT OF CALIFORNIA RESIDENCE FOR TUITION PURPOSES REGARDLESS OF THE LENGTH OF STAY IN CALIFORNIA. Financial independence will be included among the factors considered for students classified as nonresidents seeking reclassification as residents. For further clarification of residence requirements, contact the residence deputy at the Registrar's Office. The student is cautioned that this summation is not a complete explanation of the law regarding residence.

 Any student classified as a resident of California for tuition purposes who becomes a nonresident must inform the residence deputy at once.  Application for a change in classification with respect to a previous quarter will not be received under any circumstances.

  While efforts have been made to ensure the accuracy of statements made concerning the admissions process, it must be understood that all policies, procedures, and requirements here outlined are subject to change or elimination without notice.  Applicants should consult the Admissions Office of the School of Medicine for current information.

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