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Master's in Leadership of Healthcare Organizations

The Master’s degree in Leadership of Healthcare Organizations (MAS) is conferred by the University of California, San Diego (UCSD).  It represents a collaborative effort between the School of Medicine and the Department of Family and Preventive Medicine, the Graduate Studies Division, and the Division of Extended Studies which administers the program and provides student advising.

This degree program was introduced in January 2001 and permits a student to complete the Doctor of Medicine curriculum and studies leading to a Master's Degree in the Leadership of Healthcare Organizations in a total of five years.  It was the first approved Master's of Advanced Studies program under a statewide project of the University of California to expand the career potential of individuals and bring academic rigor to California's professionals in various fields.  Offered to medical students and residents at UCSD and physicians and others in our community, the goal of the program is to prepare clinicians to exert greater influence over the business decisions that determine how patients receive their care.

All information about this master's degree including curriculum can be found on the program's website: External Site / New Window.

To complete the formal MAS requirements (42 credit hours of work), medical students typically will utilize the fall, winter and spring quarters in year four. Students will have the option of taking other electives simultaneously and then completing the MD curriculum in a fifth year. On completion of the five years, students will receive both the MD and MAS degrees from UCSD.

The UCSD School of Medicine expects students to complete an Independent Study Project (ISP) as a graduation requirement. Students in this program will be required to select an ISP topic related to management but will have no other ISP requirement. The Program has an External Advisory Committee made up of physician leaders and senior executives from local healthcare organizations. There will be opportunities to pursue ISP projects in UCSD Healthcare and these community organizations.

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