Diversity & Community Partnerships

Zana Ahmad

Vanessa Cobian

Vista, California

Master of Public Health, Harvard T.H.Chen School of Public Health

Residency: Family Medicine Scripps Mercy Hospital

I believe the PRIME-HEq program will provide me with the training and the knowledge I need to accomplish my goal of becoming a well-trained physician dedicated to the needs of disadvantaged communities. My participation in this program introduces me to experts who expand my knowledge and understanding about the problems disadvantaged communities face.
I also value the opportunity to create a network of motivated and empowered advocates for disadvantaged communities with the other participants of the program.

  Jessica Cruz

Paulette Gabbai-Saldate

Master of Public Health, Harvard School of Public Health

Residency: Internal Medicine UC San Diego  Med Ctr- CA

Ashlin Mountjoy

Santa Cruz, CA

Master of Public Health, Harvard School of Public Health

Residency: Family Med/Ballard Swedish Medical Center

My goal for a career in medicine is to help keep people healthy no matter a person's socioeconomic circumstances. Health should be a right not a privilege, and it is this belief that inspired me to join PRIME, so as to work towards eliminating health inequities here in San Diego and beyond. UCSD PRIME gives me the medical skills to eliminate disease, the advocacy skills to promote health equity, and the opportunity to experience first-hand the changes that can be achieved in underserved communities.

Thomas Onyia

Master of Public Health  and Master of Business, Administration, John Hopkins

Residency: Surgery-Preliminary U Arizona Affil Hospitals and Anesthesiology UC San Diego Med Ctr-CA

Michelle Ramirez

Los Angeles, CA

Master of Public Health, Harvard School of Public Health

Residency: Orthopedic Surgery Atlanta Med Ctr-GA

One of the main reasons I have chosen a career in medicine is to help the most number of people possible, especially the under served, in a medical capacity.   I believe the PRIME-HEq Program will enable me to better serve these underrepresented communities on both an individual and systems level.  Since joining the PRIME program I have been able to teach health classes to disadvantaged youth in addition to doing published research on health disparities in adults and children.  I continue to do research and seek areas where I can make a difference.  PRIME has given me the skills and fostered my passion for serving others.  With the physicians that PRIME is training and the wonderful programs borne from it keeps me hopeful for future filled with promise.

Julio Salmeron


  Lucas Shanholtzer

Viridiana Tapia


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