Financial Aid


The UCSD Health Sciences Financial Aid Office conducts a debt management session for entering students during the week of orientation. Every year, students receive individual indebtedness summaries to help them keep track of their debt and to ensure that they are aware of the level of their borrowing. In the final year of school, a debt management session is held to aid students in the repayment of their debt once they have graduated.

A useful tool in determining whether or not you want to take on additional debt, is a loan payment calculator. This program allows you to enter the amount, interest rate, and repayment period of a loan and then calculates the amount of your monthly payment, as well as the total principal and interest repaid on the loan. This tool is also helpful in comparing loans, or determining the effect of increasing or decreasing the length of repayment. We have provided a loan calculator for your use here Excel File - [26 kb].

Additional helpful tools may be found in the AAMC debt management website - First.  Website may be accessed here: External Site / New Window

Additional information on average indebtedness for medical students can be found at the following AAMC link: AAMC Debt Fact Card PDF - [429 kb].  Please note that the average indebtedness (including pre-matriculation debt) for the School of Medicine class graduating in June of 2017 was $119,400.  The average indebtedness for the Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences class graduating in June of 2017 was $137,188.

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