Financial Aid


Eligibility for financial aid is based on need and requires the submission of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) . External Site / New Window

Students wishing to be considered for limited school-based grants, scholarships and low interest loans are required to file the UCSD Health Sciences Application for Financial Aid and submit copies of parent federal tax returns.

In early-February, the Health Sciences Financial Aid Application may be accessed through the class information tab in the HERE by the following applicants:

  • Continuing Medical and Pharmacy students;
  • Incoming Pharmacy school applicants who have accepted the school´s offer of admissions.

Students may download the application from the web, print out the applicable forms, and submit all the required materials to the UCSD Health Sciences Financial Aid Office by the mid-March deadline. Entering students who are accepted toward the end of February or thereafter, may have four weeks after acceptance to complete and return the application.

Eligible aid recipients will be notified in August of their online award letter.

Entrance counseling is offered online through the UCSD TritonLink. In addition, the UCSD Health Sciences Financial Aid Office conducts a debt management session for entering students during the week of orientation. Every year, students receive a form with their individual indebtedness to help them keep a record of their debt and to ensure that they are aware of the level of their borrowing. In the final year of school, a debt management session is held to aid students in the repayment of their debt once they have graduated.

The UCSD Health Sciences Financial Aid staff is available throughout the year to assist students with any questions they may have with the financial aid process.

The Financial Aid Office maintains a small listing of outside scholarship opportunities. This listing can be found HERE. The Financial Aid Brochure, which is also included in this section of the web site, explains all processes in greater detail.

Students and applicants are welcome to stop by the Financial Aid Office for further information during office hours.

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