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The UC San Diego School of Medicine has a wide range of insterest groups.  Everything from the local chapter of the American Medical Student Association to Dermatology;  Sports Medicine, Pediatrics, Ultrasound Medicine and Radiology. We also support many groups that are outside of medical interest such as Running, Music,  LGBT, Maimonides Society and Vegetarians. We have an interest group for everyone here!


American Medical Student Association (AMSA)

Aim to improve health care and healthcare delivery to all people; promote active improvement in medical education; involve its members in the social, moral and ethical obligations of the profession of medicine; assist in the improvement and understanding of world health problems; contribute to the welfare of medical students, premedical students, interns, residents and post MD/DO trainees; and advance the profession of medicine.

American Medical Women's Association, SD Chapter (AMWA)

The goal of the UC San Diego chapter is to advance females in medical profession and encourage mentorship.


Anesthesiology Interest Group

Our goal is to teach fellow medical students about the field of Anesthesiology and support those applying to the specialty for residency.


Asian Pacific American Medical Student Association (APAMSA)

We are interested in promoting the health and well-being of the Asian community as well as helping healthcare workers understand how to care for the Asian patient in a culturally sensitive manner. APAMSA also provides an important forum for APA medical students to share experiences and information with each other.


Association of Women Surgeons (AWS), UC San Diego Student Chapter

               Border Health Project

To provide basic health screenings and services in addition to basic supplies for one of the most underserved populations in San Diego

               Cardiology Interest Group

To promote the interest of the field of Cardiology within our medical student population.

Christian Medical Fellowship (CMF)

CMF exists to provide Christians on campus and those interested in learning about Christianity with an avenue for community, Bible study, discussion, prayer and service as we explore what it means to integrate faith with life in medical-related professions.

Competitive Intramural Sports Teams for SOM

A wellness group that promotes intramural sports within the School of Medicine.

Dermatology Interest Group

The UC San Diego dermatology interest group brings together medical students interested in learning about dermatology or pursuing dermatology as a specialty.  Our goal is to offer teaching on basic dermatological principles and techniques, a panel discussion on dermatology practice and research, and informal networking opportunities with dermatology residents and attending physicians.  We strive to strengthen the understanding of dermatology amongst medical students while providing resources to facilitate applying for dermatology residency.


Doctors Ought to Care (D.O.C.)

DOC is a community-oriented elective program designed to get UCSD SOM students out and about providing vital education to local elementary, middle and high school students.

Emergency Medicine Student Interest Group

Connecting students interested in EM, residents and faculty at UCSD School of Medicine

Family Medicine Interest Group

This group aims to raise awareness of and promote interest in Family Medicine among the student body.

Global Health Interest Group

To raise awareness about issues related to global health and opportunities to work abroad

Healer's Art Discussion Group

To promote healthy dialogue and exchange about thriving as medical professionals and as human beings that live with integrity.

Health Frontiers in Tijuana (HFIT)

To promote free healthcare to the underserved population in Tijuana, Mexico and to promote partnerships between health care professionals in the US and Mexico.

Holistic & Integrative Medicine (HI-Med)

To promote holistic medicine.

Internal Medicine Interest Group

We aim to expose students to the differing fields within Internal Medicine.

Interventional Radiology Interest Group              

Establish a group of medical students and faculty with a shared interest in Interventional Radiology.

LGBT Medical Students and Allies

Student Group promoting awareness and LGBT sensitivity in medicine.

   Latino Medical Student Association (LMSA)   

Network of students, alumni and health professionals whose mission is to promote the development of Latin students through educational, volunteer, professional and networking opportunities to foster diverse, higher education and the improvement of the Latino community.

   Maimonides Society   

To encourage Jewish community and mentorship within the UCSD SOM.

   Medical Students for Choice (MS4C)   

We are guided by the understanding that “without providers, there is no choice.” MSFC is committed to ensuring that medical students and residents receive the education they need to provide women with comprehensive reproductive healthcare.  We hope to expand training opportunities, curriculum reform, and increased awareness of reproductive rights among policymakers.

   Mindfulness in Medicine   

A group to gather and meditate together at least bi-weekly to build awareness, compassion, mind training, stress reduction and self-knowing.

   Muslim Medical Student Association   

This organization focuses on building community and partnership among medical students motivated to learn Islam in a health setting. We want to educate the UC San Diego community and greater San Diego community of the social and health issues that affect the local Muslim population through service learning and community service.  While also providing Muslim students the opportunity to have a supportive and social Muslim environment.

   Neurosurgery Student Interest Group (NSIG)   

To increase the knowledge and exposure of the great field of Neurosurgery as well as the application process and lifestyle in order to ultimately close the gap between medical student and Neurosurgery residents/faculty.

   OB/GYN Interest Group   

To further students interest and knowledge in the field of OB/GYN

   Oncology Interest Group   

We aim to connect students with oncology faculty, spread information about advances in the field and promote interest in the specialty

   Ophthalmology Interest Group   

To promote the interest in the field of Ophthalmology.

   Orthopedic Interest Group   

Introduce students interested in Orthopedics to faculty, residents and informational resources.

   Otolaryngology Head/Neck Surgery Interest Group   

To spread awareness of the field of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery among medical students through speaker, research, and volunteer events.

   Pathology Interest Group   

Our goal is to stimulate interest in Pathology for medical students considering it as a potential residency choice by exposing them to the exciting career opportunities available in the field of Pathology.  We also provide a venue for medical students to closely interact with Pathology faculty and residents.

   Pediatrics Interest Group   

To promote and cultivate interest in pediatric medicine.

   Perspectives on Life & Death in Medicine

Exploring the serious challenges of a physician such as the death of a patient, desensitization, depression and much more.

Politics in Medicine Interest Group

Psychiatry Student Interest Group Network(Psych S.I.G.N.)

Continue giving students a connection to Psych residents and professional opportunities.

Radiology Interest Group (RADIG)

To raise interest and awareness about radiology.

Running Interest Group               

SOM Mentors Program

To mentor underserved pre-medical students at UC San Diego.

Strengthening Significant Others and Relationship (SSOAR)

To serve the relationship needs of UCSD medical students.

Sports Medicine Interest Group (SMIG)

Interest group working to facilitate Sports Medicine events, bring medical care to sports teams, and provide sports medicine education at UCSD as well as in the local community.

Student Interest Group in Neurology (SIGN)

Provide guidance and support for medical students interested in pursuing neurology and provide opportunities for outreach to the community.

Student National Medical Association

To support minority medical students, address health issues in underserved communities.

Surgery Interest Group

Promote interest in surgery for medical students through lecture series, activities and information sessions.

Ultrasounds a Cappella

A cappella group open to medical and pharmacy students of all years.  We perform for our classes and also at local hospitals.

Transplant Surgery Interest Group

Increasing awareness among the SOM students through talks, workshops and shadowing experiences.

Ultrasound Medicine Interest Group

General Interest group for all specialties using ultrasound medicine in practice.

Urology Interest Group

Group dedicated to promoting awareness of the field of urologic surgery.

Vegetarian Support Group

To promote and gain support for vegetarian and healthy lifestyles; offer a learning environment about vegetarian food, build community and discuss ahimsa/non-violence.

White Coat Noise

Musician medical students that want to play music for patients.

Wilderness Medicine Interest Group (WildMed)

To inspire and educate our fellow future physicians about wilderness medicine.


To promote the interest of writing.

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