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Medical Student Parking

The ongoing construction around the School of Medicine campus has limited the amount of parking available for students in the adjacent lots.  In addition, there are also a number of construction projects underway throughout campus. To view the affected areas of construction please visit the construction alert site

Many students have adapted to non-parking alternatives, such as carpools, bikes and public transportation.  We recommendation that students who live in nearby areas serviced by the UCSD Shuttle Service or public transportation utilize those services to get to the School of Medicine campus.  the Parking and Commuting Alternatives website is a great resource for planning your commuting options prior to your arrival. 

When students must drive to campus, the Parking and Transportation Department recommends that you park in lots P701, P704, and Canyonview P501. The UCSD East/Regents Shuttle will drop off at the Price Center, and then walk/bike to the School of Medicine campus.  Now you can also twitter@ucsdshuttles for short, timely messages from UCSD shuttles.

We are concerned for your safety while you are studying late on campus and parked further away, and would urge you to make use of the Community Service Officer Program

Finally, you should be aware that if you park off campus, in areas such as UTC, Costa Verde Center, La Jolla Village Square, and the surrounding neighborhood, you may risk a citation and possible towing of your vehicle.  Although the Bus Zone program and free shuttles transport thousand of students, staff and faculty to campus each day, parking at these locations is for business purposes, and the management of these private properties are authorized by law to issue citations and tow vehicles.

SOM Parking Permits

PARKING PERMITS should be purchased by Tuesday, August 28th, 2018.
Medical students are eligible to purchase "B" staff parking permits as well as "S" student permits. If you require a parking permit go to the Parking Office directly north (and adjacent) to the USE Credit Union in the Gilman Parking Structure, Gilman Drive and Villa La Jolla Drive.  Day use permits sold at the Gilman Parking Structure pay stations and can only be used at this parking structure.

  1. Tell cashier you are a new first-year medical student at UCSD SOM.  Your vehicle information will be needed: make, model, and license plate number of vehicle.
  2. Have your current UCSD student I.D. or a driver's license along with your medical school acceptance letter
  3. Select a payment plan of
    1. 12 monthly rates 
    2. 1 annual payment for all 12 months 

The information below may be subject to change for the 2014-2015 academic year.

"S" Student Yellow Spaces:

Monthly Rates: $61/Month

Yearly Rates: $732.00/Year

"B" Graduate / Professional student and staff spaces

Per Week Rate (90 consecutive days): $40.50 per week

Monthly Rates: $81/Month

Yearly rates $972.00

You can be billed through your student account or pay in full using check, cash, debit, visa, master card or American Express. Permits can also be purchased at


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