Student Affairs

Application Process

Short term training program:

An orientation to this program and the application process will be held in November of each year.  Medical students applying for STRTG support may also submit their proposal for PCRTP support.  Students may only receive support from one program. The stipend support is the same for both programs.

As a student, you are responsible for initiating contact with the faculty member(s) of your choice and for approaching them to serve as your summer mentor(s). It is wise to discuss whether a project is appropriate for a 10-12 week period of involvement.  Students should ascertain whether a proposed clinical research project needs a new IRB approval, as this approval process can be lengthy depending on the nature of the clinical research.  Preference will be given to proposals viewed as sound training experiences for the student. 

Master's of Advanced Studies in Clinical Research:

Students interested in this program should contact Dr. Carolyn Kelly (SOM students) or Dr. David Adler (SSPPS students). Applications and additional information about the MAS in Clinical Research can be found at: Site / New Window


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