Division of Medical Education

Our New Medical Education Center Needs Your Support!

For the first time in the 40-year history of the School of Medicine, a new teaching and learning facility is being built! Scheduled to open in the fall of 2011, this high-tech, state of the art building will be the heart of the School of Medicine campus where instructors teach personalized medicine, practice telemedicine and lead the way in surgical, robotic and laparoscopic techniques.

Our 40-year-old medical education facilities have not kept pace with the school’s growth. This new Medical Education Building will place the School of Medicine at the forefront of technology, allowing UC San Diego to continue to thrive as one of the nation’s premier academic medical centers.

The state of California recognizes the strong need for the Medical Education Building, and has already committed $36 million toward its construction. The School of Medicine is now seeking an additional $30 million in private funding to complete construction and furnish the building with advanced equipment that today’s innovative medical education requires.

Giving opportunities include:

Learning Communities

Numerous small and medium-sized meeting rooms will foster a new group-oriented learning curriculum, incorporating simulation centers where students can carry out the very procedures that will be essential to their future careers. Teams of physicians, residents, medical students and other clinical partners will work together to improve health care in remote areas with telemedicine by adopting an underserved community to share expertise with.

Student Training and Testing Center

Doctors and students will collaborate in virtual situations, such as patient care, OR, procedure, ICU/ER and birthing simulation centers. A tiered 350-seat auditorium will be a premier venue for lectures, presentations, special events and videoconferencing.

Center for the Future of Surgery

Students will get hands-on experience using teaching facilities equipped with the latest surgical, robotic, laparoscopic and microscopic techniques. A microsurgery laboratory will train students and practitioners how to operate on the body’s tiniest nerves and blood vessels.

This once in a life time opportunity to directly impact future generations of medical students is available through your financial support of the Medical Education Building. To learn more about the naming opportunities within the Medical Education Building, or to make general gifts of support, please contact Emily Hernandez with any questions at (619) 543-3609 or efhernandez@ucsd.edu.



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