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Enrollment Changes

You may only add dependents to your insurance plans during the open enrollment period which occurs in the month of June of every year, or, the thirty-one day period following a qualifying event.*  A qualifying event may be the birth of a child, marriage, adoption, the six-month anniversary of a domestic partnership, loss of insurance coverage, etc. Please note, you may need to send in certification of the qualifying event, such as an Affidavit of Domestic Partnership, a copy your marriage certificate, or an official letter from your (or your dependent's) insurance carrier or benefits office of termination of insurance coverage.  There are no exceptions to this thirty-one day eligibility period, barring documented physical or mental incapacity that would prevent you from completing the enrollment change.

* For Anthem Blue Cross Dental and Vision Services Plan (VSP) Insurance, you may enroll your child at any point during the year up to their second birthday.

Please visit the Plan Source website to make enrollment changes. For instructions on logging into Plan Source, please refer to the Instructions booklet.

If this if your first time logging in, please read the instruction provided in the link below, if this is not your first time logging in and forgot your username and/or password, send an email to the Benefits Coordinator.

Instructions of Enrollment Changes

After logging onto the Plan Source website, please follow these instructions:

1. Under the Dashboard section, click on ‘ Make a Change to My Benefits’

2. Select the appropriate Life Event

3. Input the date that the event occurred under Event Date  

4. Click on Continue

5. Click Continue under ‘Your Info’ section and verify your personal information. Please make any updates as necessary. Please note that you will need an email address entered in the system if you wish to receive email confirmations of your coverage elections or would like to be able to reset your password in the future. Then click on Continue.

6. If you are adding a dependent, such as a newborn child, please click on "Add Dependent". You will then be prompted to enter in dependent information. Enter information and then click "Continue". If you are not adding or editing a dependent, please do not make any changes and click on Continue.

7. You may now change your coverage elections. If you do not need to change your coverage elections, please click on Continue. Otherwise, please click on the insurance policy that you would like to change (e.g., "Medical").

8. To add or delete a dependent on your Medical insurance, please click on the coverage that you desire (i.e., Employee Only, Employee + 1 Dependent, etc.). Make sure that the correct dependents are checked. Then click on Continue.

9. Please repeat for Dental and Vision. Newborns typically will only need medical insurance. Please note that you may add your child in Dental and Vision at any point during the year up to their second birthday.

10. Please make sure that confirm your enrollment. PLEASE VERIFY THAT ALL OF YOUR DEPENDENTS ARE CORRECT FOR EACH INSURANCE POLICY. Please click on Confirm. If you have an email address on file, please check your email for a confirmation of benefits statement.

11. Please note that your election changes will take 2-3 weeks processing time. If you need to seek medical care prior to enrollment processing, you will need to pay out of pocket or ask to be billed. Once you receive your insurance cards, please contact the insurance carrier to file for a reimbursement.

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