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Graduate Medical Education

Insurance Benefits

Graduate Medical Education offers Anthem Blue Cross medical, Anthem Blue Cross dental, Vision Services Plan (VSP) vision, Standard life, and Standard long-term disability insurance to House Officers. The House Officer's spouse, dependent children or domestic same or opposite sex partner are also eligible for enrollment in the medical, dental and vision plans. There is no premium charge to the house officer for the cost of enrollment in medical, dental and vision plans either for him/herself, for a spouse, dependent children or domestic same or opposite sex partner. There is no premium charge to the house officer for enrollment in either the life or disability plans.

Please note that initial enrollment and enrollment changes to your health benefits are not automatic. An enrollment process must be followed within the time frames established by the carriers. Once enrolled, your benefits will automatically continue until the termination of your training. Please view our Benefits Brochure for more information.

Open Enrollment
Open Enrollment occurs every year for the entire month of June. Changes made to plans during Open Enrollment will be effective on July 1st. Please allow the insurance carriers some time to receive the data and process the changes. Log on to the enrollment website at to make your elections. If you cannot access the link or are having trouble with the site, please contact GME

Online Insurance Enrollment

Newly employed House Officers (including returning trainees from a break of service) will have 31 days to make elections.  There are no exceptions to this thirty-one day eligibility period, barring documented physical or mental incapacity that would prevent you from completing the enrollment process.

Please note that your initial enrollment will take 2-3 weeks processing time. While your insurance coverage begins on your first day of training, you will not be active in the system for 2-3 weeks following online enrollment. If you need to seek medical care prior to enrollment processing, you will need to pay out of pocket or ask to be billed. Once you receive your insurance cards, please contact the insurance carrier to file for a reimbursement.

Insurance enrollment is completed online by logging into PlanSource and using these instructionsPDF.  If you cannot access the link or are having trouble with the site, please contact GME.  

Enrollment Changes

You may only add dependents to your insurance plans during the open enrollment period which occurs in the month of June of every year, or, the thirty-one day period following a qualifying event.*  A qualifying event may be the birth of a child, marriage, adoption, the six-month anniversary of a domestic partnership, loss of insurance coverage, etc. Please note, you may need to send in certification of the qualifying event, such as an Affidavit of Domestic PartnershipPDF, a copy of your marriage certifcate, or an official letter from your (or your dependent's) insurance carrier or benefits office of termination of insurance coverage.  There are no exceptions to this thirty-one day eligibility period, barring documented physical or mental incapacity that would prevent you from completing the enrollment change.

To add or delete a dependent, or to change your name or address, please visit our Online Enrollment Website.

For Anthem Blue Cross Dental and Vision Services Plan (VSP) Insurance, you may enroll your child at any point during the year up to their second birthday.

Insurance Cards

If you have not received your insurance card, please contact the Insurance Carrier directly to verify enrollment and order a replacement card. You will only receive insurance cards from Anthem Blue Cross for medical and dental. To print out an Anthem Blue Cross temporary ID card for immediate use, go to

If you wish to see a doctor but do not have an insurance card, you will need your social security number and the following Group Numbers:

  • Anthem Blue Cross PPO - #1230CA
  • Anthem Blue Cross HMO - #57J13A
  • Anthem Dental Complete - # 182415
  • Vision Services Plan - #12170630-0003-0003

Detailed Plan Description

For a summary of benefits, including a breakdown of covered services and co-payment amounts, please refer to the Benefits Brochure. Please print or save the following Certificates of Coverage for your records: 

Locating a Provider

The following faculty physicians have volunteered to be listed as eager to provide primary care to UCSD House Officers: UCSD Primary Care Physicians for House Officers


If you have incurred charges for covered services before your insurance was processed, but after the effective start date of your coverage, you may receive a reimbursement for those charges. Please be sure to save all receipts of payments and/or any billing statements. Please contact the insurance carrier directly for Reimbursement Claim Forms.

Billing Disputes

The GME office can only provide information on the payment status of your insurance premiums.  For all billing disputes, please contact the insurance carrier directly.  Please always make sure to verify the coverage of any medical services before seeking medical care.

If you have questions about medical charges, please:

  1. Review the Certificates of Coverage (see above under heading "Detailed Plan Description").
  2. Call the Financial or Billing department. The contact information should be located on your bill. Clarify any charges incurred.
    • Many problems are caused by the billing office incorrectly coding your medical services.  Any errors can be corrected by your doctor's financial or billing department.
  3. If the charges were incurred in error, please contact the Insurance Carrier directly to resolve your dispute.
    • You may need to fill out a reimbursement claim form or your doctor's office may need to resubmit the bill.
  4. If you were charged correctly, please pay the bill promptly.  You may also contact the Insurance Carrier for an explanation of why the services were not covered. 


Graduate Medical Education
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