Graduate Medical Education

Location & Parking Information

Graduate Medical Education is located at 135 Dickinson St. at the end of Front St.  It is the second floor in a dull peach building. Short term parking is available in the Arbor Drive Parking Structure (Lot #P901-P914) for $1.00/hr. (6:00 am - 9:00 pm weekdays).  "B" Parking Permits may be purchased at the parking office located on the street level of the Arbor Drive Parking Structure.  The B Parking Permit allows you to park in the Bachman Canyon Parking Structure (Lot #P921-P931) and the Bachman Surface Lot (Lot #P962). Click here External Site / New Window for more information about parking at the UCSD Medical Center in Hillcrest.

Parking Map

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Name Description Link Latitude Longitude Delete Marker
Graduate Medical Education 32.755006 -117.164678 delete icon
Bachman Parking Structure P921-P931 Staff Parking 32.755434 -117.163106 delete icon
Arbor Parking Structure Visitor & Patient Parking; P901-P914 32.754090 -117.167553 delete icon
Bachman Surface Lot P962 Staff Parking 32.754600 -117.163050 delete icon
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