Graduate Medical Education

New Appointments


All Visa and International Medical Graduate applicants must be reviewed by the OGME prior to matching or offering an appointment. Please complete the Training Program Request to Recruit form on the OGME website posted under Recruitment/Match.

All new appointment requests or questions regarding onboarding should be sent to Robyn MeehanEmail (619) 543-7242.

  • The Program Coordinator will turn in a Slot Designation Form. Slot Designation Form and other on-boarding forms can be found on the GME website > Program Coordinators & Directors > Recruitment/Match
  • Please fill out all applicable worksheets (tabs) - "New-Cont," "Terms," and "Summary
  • Please note that "INS INDEX#" is the index number used to bill insurance benefits.
  • Each new appointment packet will contain all required documentation per the Appointment Packet Checklist. Checklists and other on-boarding forms can be found on the GME website > Program Coordinators & Directors > Recruitment/Match
  1. Data Summary Sheet (one sheet per program not per applicant)
  2. Appointment Checklist
    1. Unlicensed IMG: PTAL required
  3. Application
  4. C.V.
  5. Proof of Graduation (Medical school diploma or certified "Will Graduate" letter from registrar to be replaced with diploma when available)
    1. IMG: Copy of ECFMG Certificate
    2. Secondary credentials will be recognized only with proof of certification/graduation
  6. Dean's Report/Letter (MSPE)
  7. Certificates of Completion (ALL ACGME accredited training)
  8. Three Letters of Recommendation
  • Do not send OGME employment documents. 
  • If all forms are not completed before the new trainee's appointment start date, the department contact will be required to change the start date in PPS to the date the appointee signed the documents, and OGME will need to issue a revised appointment contract.
  • The department will enter new trainees' data entry into the online Payroll Personnel System (PPS) by May 1st but no more than 60 days prior to the effective date of the action and send ID number to OGME.
    • If it is not entered into PPS by May 1st, UCSD email addresses and passwords will not be set up in time for the scheduled computer training sessions.
  • All GME trainees are on BELI Code 5
  • For programs that participate in the VA integrated residency, please be aware of the following policies and procedures:
    • After your residency program is reviewed and approved by GME, you will then be required to prepare a Trainee Qualifications Credentials Verification Letter (TQCVL) for the VA by May 18th.  
  • Be sure to include all trainees coming to your program on your TQCVL. 
    • This includes rotators from other hospitals and trainees doing elective rotations in your program.
  • Prepare an original copy of the TQCVL on your letterhead and obtain your Department Chair's signature on the document.
  • Mail your TQCVL letter and roster to Sandra Bee:
    • VA San Diego Healthcare System, Education 142
    • 3350 La Jolla Village Drive 
    • San Diego, CA 92161
    • Attn: Jeffrey Nickerson by May 18th.  
  • Faxed documents will not be accepted.  If you are still adding to the initial roster sent on May 18th, you may delay sending the final original signed paper copy to Sandra until July 1st at the latest.


  • The person designated to enter the programs' PPS data will enter reappointments no later than May 1st. 


   Cindy Slaughter Email
(619) 543-7768

     Robyn Meehan
    (619) 543-7242

Ann Zulter (Visiting Trainees)
(619) 543-8254

   Jeffrey Nickerson
     (858) 642-3872

VA San Diego Health System
Education 142
3350 La Jolla Village Drive
San Diego, CA 92161
Attn: Jeffery Nickerson



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