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Program Coordinators: Certificates

Certificate Requests

The Office of Graduate Medical Education subsidizes certificates for all ACGME-accredited programs. For any non-ACGME accredited programs, please contact Imprints for your certificates.

Please e-mail all requests to the Benefits Coordinator Email. For accurate tracking of your certificate requests, please use the Certificate Request Form Excel File. Certificate requests must contain the following information:

  • Physician name and degree (as you would like it to appear on the certificate)
    • Note:  The standard convention is that the degree is punctuated (i.e., M.D. with the periods, instead of MD)
  • Type of program (i.e., Internship, Residency, Chief Residency, Fellowship)
  • Department (e.g., Internal Medicine, Surgery, etc.)
  • Start and End dates (month, day, and year)
    • Most Internships officially begin June 23th and end on June 30th
    • Most Residencies and Fellowships officially begin on July 1st and end on June 30th
    • Note:  The standard convention is that dates are in Month Day, Year format (i.e., June 30, 2015 instead of 6/30/15 or June 30th, 2015, etc.)
  • Signature lines (e.g., Dean, Program Chair, Interim Program Chair, Program Director)
  • Any special requests (e.g., "Please send original certificate to: [address].

Graduation Ceremonies

For certificates required for the end of the academic year, please turn in your certificate request by April 9th, so that we may obtain all of the appropriate signatures prior to any graduation ceremonies or before the resident is unable to pick up their certificate from your department.

Please note, our office will only accept the Certificate Request Form Excel File via email as other formats severely limit our ability to track the certificate creation process.

Late Certificate Requests, Corrections and Duplicates

Any certificate requests sent after April 9th will be assessed a $25.00 fee per request form. This fee will be assessed regardless of the number of certificates requested on your form.

All certificates that were sent with errors and require corrections will be assessed a $25.00 processing fee per certificate. Duplicate requests will also be assessed a $25.00 per certificate processing fee.

Please submit a Certificate Request Form Excel File and complete the Recharge Form Excel File. The Recharge Form should be submitted with a $25 flat fee for late certificate requests.

You may also elect to submit your certificate request to Imprints. They will typically have a faster turnaround time as they have dedicated staff to fulfill your request. Please make sure that the GME office receives a scanned copy of your completed certificate (with all of the appropriate signatures).


Benefits Coordinator Email
(619) 543-7820



April 9th


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