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Program Coordinators: Insurance

Extramurally Funded Insurance

Index Fund Changes

Please make sure that any changes to extramural funding or insurance coverage are sent to the Benefits CoordinatorEmail as soon as possible, but no later than thirty days prior to the date of the adjustment. Requests sent after this deadline may not be processed by the date of adjustment.

Monthly Insurance Charges

For a breakdown of monthly insurance charges for each resident, in alphabetical order by index number, please refer to each monthly summary sheet Authentication Required. For each month, there are five monthly summary sheets for each of our insurance carriers - Anthem Blue Cross PPO (which the vast majority of House Officers choose), Anthem Blue Cross HMO (only a very small percentage of House Officers have this plan), Anthem Blue Cross Dental, Vision Services Plan (VSP), and Standard Life/LTD. The orange data sheet provides a breakdown for Cost Center numbers and Extramural index numbers. The purple sheets are intended for the Finance Dept for processing. If, for some reason, you need to print the spreadsheet, please note that you may have to adjust the settings for printing so that it suits your needs (use Print Preview before printing). You will need a password to access this list (If you do not know the password, please contact the Benefits CoordinatorEmail.)

 2016 - 2017 Insurance Rates

The new monthly rate (as of July 1, 2016) for the HMO is:
$702.40 (employee only)
$1,535.48 (employee + 1)
$2,107.13 (employee + family)

The new monthly rate for the PPO is:
$700.55 (employee only)
$1.435.55 (employee + 1)
$1,902.46 (employee + family)

The new monthly rate for Dental is:
$26.82 (employee only)
$53.64 (employee + 1)
$84.61 (employee + family)

The new monthly rate for Vision is:
$6.97 (employee only)
$11.03 (employee + 1)
$16.73 (employee + family)

The new rate for Life & Long-Term Disability (employee only - no option for dependent enrollment):
Life - $3.20/mo
LTD - $10.58/mo



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