Graduate Medical Education


  1. Each training program has a designated OGME representative.  To prevent any unnecessary delays in registration and termination of trainees, contact your OGME representative immediately.  The representative will assist you in the process as they are aware of the direct and indirect ramifications of fallacy to notify appropriately.
  2. All termination information must be submitted via the Slot Designation Form.  Whenever there is a change in a trainee's status, a revised Slot Designation Form must be sent to your designated representative.  (In the event that a trainee resigns from an appointment, a copy of the letter of resignation must be sent to OGME in addition to a notation on the Slot.  The letter must state an effective date of termination.)
  3. It is the responsibility of the Program Coordinator to provide the terminating trainee the link to the OGME Check-out Procedure site, which includes the explaination of the options for disposition of funds in the Defined Contribution Plan (DCP).  The trainee can either handle the redistribution online at or on the phone at 866-682-7787.
  4. Failure to notify OGME prior to termination will result in the program's continuation to pay for insurance benefits until OGME is able to process the insurance termination.  Insurance benefits are not linked to PPS so simply entering an End Date in PPS does not constitue notification to OGME.


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