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DOC Sun Safety

The overall incidence of melanoma in the United States is increasing at a rate faster than any other cancer, with lifetime risk estimated at 1 in 49.  In San Diego alone, 3,945 new cases of melanoma were diagnosed between 2001 and 2005 according to the California Cancer Registry. The message of sun safety is therefore of utmost importance.

To address this tremendous need regarding skin cancer awareness and prevention, DOC Sun Safety seeks to teach local students about the harmful effects of the sun. We recognize that sun-safety education must begin early in order to instill lifelong health-promoting behaviors.

Our presentation begins with a 15 minute Power-Point presentation to convey key concepts about sun protection in a fun and engaging manner. We plan to integrate a role-playing activity where a student-volunteer is carefully prepared for a day at the beach by newly-informed classmates selecting from various props, accessories, and sunscreens. The presentation will culminate with a hands-on arts and crafts session where bracelets will be made using special UV-sensitive beads that change colors in the presence of UV light. Students will be encouraged to wear their bracelets daily to reinforce what they learned regarding suncare and the effects of unprotected UV exposure.

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