SOM Mentors

HMP3 is one of the best organized premedical organizations at UCSD, boasting a full-time advisor, Adele Wilson. She sends out informative weekly emails with opportunities for community service, leadership, research, summer programs and scholarship applications. All of our mentees should be signed up to receive these, and if they are not, they can fill out this form. When I cannot find the answer to a student's question, I either contact Adele myself or will refer my student to her. Her contact info follows:

Adele Savage


List of Local & International Volunteer Experiences: includes clinical and social services for those struggling with illnesses.

Local Clinical Care Extender Program: provides clinical training and experience to students, while allowing them to do LVN level work at Palomar Pomerado Hospital. They would need to have transportation and a sizable amount of time to do this.

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