Medical Education and Technology

About MedEDTech

The Medical Education Technology (MedEDTech) office is a member of the School of Medicine's Division of Medical Education (MedEd) in the UCSD Health Sciences (HS) System.  As part of its central administration, MedEDTech supports projects and provides services that sit at the intersection of teaching, learning, MedEd Administration, and technology.

We provide Educational Technology leadership, expertise, infrastructure, and services in support of the Offices of the Dean for Medical Education, Admissions & Student Affairs, Undergraduate Medical Education, Graduate Medical Education, Continuing Medical Education, and Medical Alumni.

MedEDTech is comprised of a number of interdisciplinary service-based teams including:

MedEDTech Development and Programming

Offering expertise on technology-based instructional design, programming, multimedia, and database development including: 

  • Instructional and Administrative Application Development - responsible for the design, development, implementation, and maintenance of all curricular and administrative systems that are designed to provide user-centered services and information to students, faculty, and MedEd staff.
  • Curricular Resources - works closely with core course faculty and administrators to ensure that all ET-based resources are developed, updated, and delivered as needed for each curricular segment.
  • Special Projects - handles various grant-funded endeavors for students and faculty in support of the Medical Education mission.

MedEDTech Services

Providing technology-related support for the SOM, Medical Centers, and UCSD Campus; including:

  • Room Scheduling - manages the allocation of Health Sciences teaching and conference space for more than 150 rooms on the SOM campus and the La Jolla & Hillcrest Medical Centers.
  • Test Analysis - offers computerized exam/survey processing and analysis for the SOM and the UCSD Campus.
  • Web Hosting - for OSA-authorized School of Medicine student organizations.
  • Computer Accounts on MedEd Systems - Web Portal, OASIS, ExamSoft, Clinical Skills - for MedEd staff, teaching faculty and medical students.  In addition, we refer medical students to appropriate campus & UC Health IT groups for assistance with their other accounts (TritonLink, Exchange Email, EPIC, etc.).

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