Medical Education and Technology

Access Information for SOM Teaching Faculty

This page is designed to assist you in accessing the student and faculty materials used in the ISC courses.  In order to access these resources, you will need a UCSD campus active directory (AD) account.  All UCSD salaried or appointed faculty get an AD account established.  However, some non-salaried faculty need to work with the Medical Education UGME staff to grant volunteer appointment status to obtain an AD account.

The AD account is also the same username and password you use for your UCSD email.  If you do not know or remember your UCSD email/AD password, you can visit this website – – to reset it.  If you do not know your old password, you will need your UCSD staff ID number, social security number and birthdate to reset your AD password.  If you have difficulties resetting your AD password online, please contact the AHS IT staff via email to schedule a time to stop by their office in MET 330.

The configuration steps for your computer are listed here and  shown in more detail (with screen shots) below.

  1. Install and set up the Virtual Private Network (VPN) Any Connect Client on your computer. This will enable you to access the library system's E-Reserves from off campus.  Once it is installed, it will work for any web/internet browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, etc.) that is present on your computer. This step only has to be done once.
  2. Verify that you can login to the MedEd Web Portal and locate your course resources.

1. Install/Set-up VPN to Access E-Reserves

A portion of the course materials will only be availabe on the Library's E-Reserve system. SOM course E-Reserves Links are located inside the MedEd Web Portal in the yellow Core Course Information section on the left side of the class page. The link is titled "ERes".

When you get to the E-Reserves page, you will need a course password for the site. The course password is emailed to you from the course administrator.  Contact your course administrator if you did not receive the current password, as it will change every academic quarter.

Off-Campus Access Via the UCSD Virtual Private Network (VPN)
If you are not on campus while accessing E-Reserves, you will need to set up the VPN Any Connect Client on your computer.  You can do this by following the "Conventional Installation" instructions on this page:

NOTE: You will need an AD Username/Password to use the VPN. If you do not have one, contact your Course Administrator.

If you have technical issues setting up VPN, contact AHS IT via email or call 619.543.4357.

2. MedEd Web Portal Login and Access to Course Resources

Your login for the MedEd Web Portal is your UCSD AD username and password.


Forgot Password or Cannot Login

Click on the "Forgot Password?" link to be taken to UCSD's Active Directory (AD) Password Change Tool. View the image below for the link location or visit



Finding Your Course Web Site

After you have successfully logged into the Web Portal, you will see the yellow module below on the left-hand side of your screen:

There will be a list of courses with six possible links for each course. If the links are inactive (unlinked), then that course does not have that resource available.  A summary of these links and their descriptions are shown below:

  • Course Name -- Welcome page of the course website.
  • A & M -- Assignments and Materials page of the course website.
    This is where all course materials will be located (except for resources on E-reserves).
  • Notes -- Study Aids and Lecture Notes forum with topics posted by the students (not vetted by faculty).
  • Pod -- Podcasts of the lectures.
  • ERes -- Library E-Reserves page for the course. A course password is required.
  • Q & A -- Forum for students to ask questions to course faculty about lectures and other course related items.

Most faculty will primarily access the Assignments and Materials page and the E-Reserves link.

If you do not see your course in the menu when you login, you might be on a different class year page.  Click on the appropriate class year link in the upper-right hand side of the Web Portal screen (indicated below).  The class years are shown from 1st year to 4th year (left to right). The image below shows the MS1 class page (denoted by the large 2017) with the class year links below.  Click the 2016 link to change to the MS2 class page, 2015 for the MS3 class page and so on.


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