Medical Education and Technology

MedEd Administration/Staff Accounts

MedEDTech & HS IT works closely with the MedEd Staff to ensure all standard accounts are correctly issued and properly functioning.  If your position requires access to secure campus systems [e.g., Financial Link, Travel Link, etc.], then you will need to contact your unit head to obtain the appropriate forms and permissions.

Issued by UCSD

When first hired at UCSD, faculty and staff are issued a UCSD Network Account and an Active Directory Account.
  1. The UCSD Network Account comes with:
    • A UCSD Network username [eg., usually 8 characters or less - typical format is first initial of first name with 7 beginning letters of last name].
    • A campus email account with an email alias, [ie., the "" email address].
    • VPN authentication External Site / New Window for off campus access to restricted UCSD resources (e.g., e-reserves and library databases).
    • Wireless authentication External Site / New Window for using the campus WiFi network.
  2. The Active Directory Account (AD), is a centralized authentication and resource management system used across UCSD, provides:
    • An Exchange account allowing client and web synchronization of email, contacts and calendar
    • Access to the campus productivity applications at the Biomedical and campus libraries
    • Access to your MedEd network storage area and shared directories from general campus computers
    • Authentication for selected HS information systems

Issued by MedEDTech & HS IT

NOTE: All the accounts issued by MedEDTech or HS IT have been synchronized to have the same username and password as your UCSD AD account.  To learn about the rules for your username/password, refer to the Passwords page of this site.

Once you become a member of the Division of Medical Education, MedEDTech or HS IT can issue you a variety of other computing accounts dependent on your job responsibilities:

  • MedEd Roaming Profile that provide personal and shared directories for file storage
  • MedEd Student Web Portal External Site / New Window account provides single sign-on to integrated web & database resource
  • On-line Access to Student Information and Scheduling (OASIS) External Site / New Window system account which allows access to:
    • On-line course information for preclinical elective courses and clinical courses
    • Evaluation of students and courses
  • ExamSoft External Site / New Window system account which allows access to:
    • Weekly course quizzes
    • Course block exams
    • Various curricular surveys and other instruments

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