Medical Education and Technology

Student Accounts

MedEDTech & HS IT issues and manages computer accounts for medical students, coordinating those provided by the UCSD campus with those provided by MedEd to facilitate single Username and Password access to all systems. Medical Students are automatically issued computer accounts before orientation week. To learn about the rules for your username/password, refer to the Passwords page of this site.

Issued by UCSD

  1. A UCSD Network Account that comes with:
    • A UCSD Network Username [eg., usually 8 characters or less - typical format is first initial of first name with 7 beginning letters of last name].
    • A campus email account with an email alias, [ie., the "" email address].
    • VPN authentication for off campus access to restricted UCSD resources (e.g., e-reserves and library databases).
    • Wireless authentication for using the campus WiFi network.
    • ResNet authentication for internet access in campus residence halls.
  2. An Active Directory Account (AD) that provides centralized authentication and resource management across UCSD.  The AD account provides:
    • Access to campus productivity applications while studying at the Biomedical and campus libraries.
    • Access to the MedEd network storage area and shared student directories from general campus computers.
    • Authentication for selected Medical Center information systems.

Issued by MedEDTech

NOTE: All the accounts issued by MedEDTech have been synchronized to have the same username and password as your UCSD AD account.
  1. MedEd Student Web Portal system account that provides access to integrated medical school web resources:
    • SOM course websites
    • Calendars of academic & social activities
    • Electronic discussion forums
    • Contact information
    • Various databases, electronic resources, and handbooks
  2. On-line Access to Student Information and Scheduling (OASIS) system account which allows access to:
    • On-line course scheduling for preclinical elective courses and clinical courses
    • Evaluation of faculty and courses
  3. ExamSoft system account which allows access to:
    • Weekly course quizzes
    • Course block exams
    • Various curricular surveys and other instruments
  4. Clinical Skills system account which allows access to:
    • Review videotaped GOSCE sessions

Accounts for SOM Graduate & SSPPS Students

Other SOM graduate groups and SSPPS students are provided with MedEDTech-issued accounts as requested by the programs and not by individual students. VPN and wireless access can be acquired through the links above. Other individuals seeking access to MedEd electronic resources should contact the MedEDTech Office during business hours or submit a request through the Help Desk.

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