Medical Education and Technology

SOM Teaching Faculty Accounts

MedEDTech & HS IT provides the UCSD SOM teaching faculty with access to systems used to deliver and manage medical eduation.  Please see the details below.  If you have questions, please contact MedEDTech for assistance.

Issued by UCSD or HS IT

It is expected that faculty already have UCSD Network Accounts and Active Directory Accounts established through their home department.

  1. A UCSD Network Account comes with:
    • UCSD Network Username [eg., usually 8 characters or less - typical format is first initial of first name with 7 beginning letters of last name].
    • A campus email account with an email alias, [ie., the "" email address],
    • VPN authentication External Site / New Window when off campus for access to restricted UCSD resources (e.g., e-reserves and library databases), and
    • Wireless authentication External Site / New Window for using the campus WiFi network.
  2. An Active Directory Account (AD) that provides centralized authentication and resource management  across UCSD.  In addition to the MedEd accounts listed above, the AD account provides:
    • Access to the campus productivity applications at the Biomedical and campus libraries, and
    • Authentication for selected Medical Center information systems.

Issued by Medical Educational Technology (MedEDTech)

NOTE: All the accounts issued by MedEDTech have been synchronized to have the same username and password as your UCSD AD account.  To learn about the rules for your username/password, refer to the Passwords page of this site.

  1. A MedEd Web Portal Account for access to:
    • SOM curriculum database and course websites
    • Electronic discussion forums
    • Calendars of professional & student activities
    • Address book with instructor options
    • Secure delivery of individualized data (student grades, ISP Status, Advisors /Mentors, etc
    • Web-accessible databases (Advisors, Research Opportunities, etc.)
    • To request a MedEd Web Portal Account: Please complete and submit a Help Request Form to request a MedEd Portal account
  2. Teaching faculty will be issued an account on the On-line Access to Student Information and Scheduling (OASIS) system for access to:
    • Complete online evaluations
    • View/Print faculty evaluation reports for ARC reporting
  3. Specific course directors or administrators will be provisioned with an ExamSoft system account, which allows access to:
    • Weekly course quizzes
    • Course block exams

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