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Laptop Setup for New Users

Step Description MedEDTech Instructions
1 Make sure your computer hardware, software, and peripherals meet the "UCSD Medical Student Computer Requirements". Medical Student Computer Requirements
2 Ensure your laptop is UCSD security-compliant with current operating system updates, a firewall, anti-spyware, and anti virus software (See A-C below). See steps A-C below.
  A) Configure your laptop to automatically download and install critical operating system updates. System Updates
  B) Enable your computer's firewall to protect it from unwanted and unsolicited network traffic and to ensure the privacy of your information. Firewall
  C) Install an Security Software program onto your laptop and devices to protect it from viruses and unwanted malicious software.

Windows: Sophos 
(also serves as anti-virus)
Apple: Sophos
(also serves as anti-virus)
Devices: Sophos Free Tools 

3 Connect to the UCSD Virtual Private Network (VPN) to allow access to Library e-journals and other UCSD restricted sites. Install the "VPN Any Connect" client to your computer. Virtual Private Network
  A) Successfully connect to a sample Library Course Reserves site using the VPN.
     Select the 'allthruucsd' option when logging into the VPN.
Library Course Reserves
4 Configure your preferred email program.
NOTE: Medical school accounts have NOT been migrated to Office365.
Use '' as the incoming server
5 Ensure your computer can view the test streaming video. Run the test video
6 Login to OASIS Scheduling & Evaluation System (use UCSD AD credentials). OASIS
7 Login to the Clinical Skills System (use UCSD AD credentials). CS - Clinical Skills
8 Register for the ExamSoft application and install the Examplify software on to your computer. A mock quiz will be available before the Computer Orientation (MS1's) or before the first weekly quiz (PS2's). Use the exam password = mock123 to begin the quiz.
NOTE: Use your laptop computer for this application, as iPad support is only provided by ExamSoft and not UCSD.
ExamSoft Application
  A) Download & Install the Adobe Acrobat Reader (Examsoft uses this program for all image display functions in the Examplify application). Get Acrobat Reader
(uncheck the Optional Offers before installing)
9 Connect to the UCSD wireless network  Must be done on UCSD campus. UCSD Wireless Network

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