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Weekly Quiz

As part of your overall assessment, you will be required to take an online quiz each week, although the numerical scores are not factored into your final grade. Generally, each quiz will be available at 5:00 pm on Friday and must be completed before 8:00 am on Monday (the student needs to confirm that window is true in each course syllabus); students who do not complete a quiz will be contacted by the Course Director and/or his/her Academic Community Director (students who experience technical difficulties while taking the quiz should send an e-mail to, the course administrator and director). The primary purpose of these quizzes is to allow you to evaluate your progress and assess how well you have understood the material from the preceding week; therefore, to benefit maximally from the quizzes, you should take the quiz after reviewing that week's material. Because the quizzes are short (approximately 20-25 questions), they are not a comprehensive test of the material, but they should help you to gauge your understanding of selected topics presented in the course.

The questions on the quizzes are written in the same general format as those on the course examinations, so taking the quizzes will serve as practice for taking the course exams. In addition, the time limit on the quizzes (approximately 2 minutes per question) is roughly proportional to the time limit on the course exams. After a student has submitted an online quiz, he/she will be able to access the quiz online as a study aid until the end of the course and various courses also offer to download a pdf of the quiz with detailed explanations of the answers. Students with questions about any of the quiz questions are welcome to go over these questions with an OESS staff member or with course faculty.

Please read the following instructions carefully before beginning the quiz:

  • Please review and study the week’s material prior to accessing the online quiz.
  • Total time allowed on the majority of quizzes is 40 consecutive minutes.
  • Once you begin the quiz, you must complete it within the allowed time.
  • When your first quiz is available, you will be notifiied via e-mail to download the quiz to your computer.  You cannot download it until after 5:00pm on Friday.
  • You can download, open and begin the quiz anytime after 5:00 pm on Friday and must complete it before the upload deadline of 8:00am Monday (student needs to confirm submission deadline listed on each course syllabus).
  • The institution ID "ucsdhs" needs to be entered when you first login to Examplify.  Your login will be your UCSD username and password (i.e., the same username and password you use to login to your UCSD e-mail). 
  • Your computer will be locked down during the time you are taking the quiz. After the quiz is finished, Examplify will re-connect to the internet (it might take up to 30 seconds) and upload your exam responses to ExamSoft.
  • Failure to take a quiz or a poor performance on more than one quiz will alert a faculty member and/or your Academic Community Director to contact you.
Exam passwords used for the Weekly Quizzes:

  MS1s: ucsdMS1

  MS2s: ucsdMS2

  PS2s: ucsdPS2

Quiz Review password: QZrvw

If You Have issues Downloading or Taking An Exam:

Make sure to read all of the instructions on the ExamSoft UCSD custom home page.

  • Always remember to click "Refresh Exam Downloads" on the bottom left-hand of the screen
  • For assistance with your initial login, email SOM Exam/Quiz administrators at Please include "ExamSoft Initial Login Help" in the subject of the message.
  • For any technical questions in regards to Examplify - including any individual technical support that is needed - call the exam taker support line at 1-866-429-8889 (or live chat) from 8:30am-8:30pm EST Monday-Friday and Saturday from 8:30am-6:30pm EST.
    NOTE: There is no technical support available on Sundays!  For technical assistance after hours, get your support questions answered here - Exam Taker Support Portal - where you can also submit a support ticket via e-mail.

Practice Quizzes

  • A copy of each weekly quiz will be available as a "Practice Quiz" on the Tuesday after the quiz closes.
  • To avoid confusion with the actual quiz, the practice quiz will be named differently - "Practice XXX Quiz (for review)", where XXX represents the course block name.
  • The practice quiz has no date restrictions and allows for multiple login attempts.
  • For the final week of the course block when the block exam is on the Monday after the weekend, the practice quiz will be active the previous Friday at 10pm - 5 hours after the actual quiz becomes active.

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Block Exams

For the medical students, most examinations in your ISC courses will be administered using ExamSoft's testing software, Examplify, the same software that you use for your weekly quizzes.

To ensure that the administration of these exams proceeds smoothly, please note the following important instructions:

  1. Please download each exam from Examplify as soon as possible after you receive e-mail notification that the exam is available for downloading.  If you are on campus, then make sure that your computer is connected to the " UCSD Protected" wireless network.  Contact immediately if you have any difficulty downloading the exam.
  2. Please arrive in the lecture hall on exam day early enough to complete the following two tasks by 7:45 am:
    • Pick up the exam handout or scratch paper labeled with your name when instructed to do so by the proctor (the handouts will be available at the front of the lecture hall); students should bring pencils or pens. 
    • A calculator will be available in Examplify program.
    • Turn on your (fully charged) laptop and launch the Examplify application.  Click on Take an Exam and select the appropriate exam, so that the Examplify Start Window is on your screen.
  3. The Exam Password will be given by the proctor at approximately 7:50 am, allowing plenty of time for Examplify to close all programs and internet connection on your computer before the 8:00 am start time (this process can take several minutes).
  4. When your computer shows the yellow screen asking you to enter in a 4 letter code, wait until the proctor authorizes students to click Start Exam.
  5. When the Start Exam authorization is given, students should immediately click Start Exam.  Although the remaining time shown on your screen is determined by Examplify for each student individually (depending on when the Start Exam button was clicked), the ending time for the exam is determined by the proctor (and will be announced and written on the whiteboard).
  6. After you click Submit Exam (either because you have finished the exam or the proctor announces that time is up), wait for the Green Screen indicating a successful upload of your exam before closing your laptop and leaving the room. The process to re-establish the internet connection and upload the answer file can take a few minutes, so please be patient.  It sometimes requires you to restart your computer (check with the proctor if your exam answer file does not upload automatically after exiting the exam).  NOTE: If you finish early and the proctor has instructed students to remain seated until the official ending time, your computer should remain closed while you are waiting to leave.
  7. Return your exam handout to the proctor before leaving the room in order to preserve exam security. Because the exam handout includes some of the exam questions, returning the exam handout is a requirement for the official recording of your exam score.

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Exam Reports

Students can view reports of their exam performance from the UCSD Examsoft Portal -  Two reports are available:
  1. The Strengths and Opportunities Report for a single exam or assessment,
  2. The Performance Analysis Report for multiple exams or assessments spanning a range of dates (e.g., the Thread Courses, or Blocks that have a Midterm and Final exam).

After logging in with their UCSD credentials, a page will display with a list of their courses, statuses and various notifications for each course (downloads or uploads required, results added, etc.).  When the course title is clicked, details for that course's assessments are shown.  If results are released for that exam, then "View Results" is displayed.  The Strength and Opportunities report is launched when "View Results" are clicked.  More information is listed on the Quick Reference Guides titled, Exam Taker's Courses View and Reading the Strengths and Opportunities Report.  NOTE: The percentage shown on the Courses page is rounded to the nearest integer, so click "View Results" to see the actual percentage of the exam score that you received.

For courses with multiple exams (e.g., midterm and final) or the course threads, students will need to run a "Performance Analysis" report to view their results.  The report is linked from the menu bar.  Choose the date range, course(s) and assessments to display and click the "Run Results" button.  NOTE: The top 50 categories are shown as default and many are defined by the courses for internal use only (e.g., no relevance on grades).  Students should only concern themselves with the categories shown in the "MSX Curriculum" topic (where X is 1 for MS1 or 2 for MS2).  Detailed information about this report is listed on the Quick Reference Guide titled, Performance Analysis Report, as well as the customized Examsoft Student Views and Sample Performance Analysis Report showing the Examsoft course report screens and sample MS1 reports.

For any questions regarding these reports, please email the course name and description of the issue to

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