Medical Education and Technology

Educational Technology Orientation for the SOM Class of 2022

Laptop with WP onscreen

Date:         August 28, 2018

Time:         1:30 - 2:30 pm

Location:  Medical Education Building - Lower Auditorium

  1. EdTech Services for Medical Students (everyone)
  2. MedEd Web Portal - Class of 2022 (everyone)
  3. OASIS Evaluation System (everyone)
  4. Laptop Configuration Workshop & Q/A session (**)

Presentation Handouts:

** Who should attend the Laptop Configuration Workshop?

>> Were you SUCCESSFUL in configuring your laptop as outlined on the Laptop Setup for New Users page?

Then you are excused from the last part of the Educational Technology Orientation, but are welcome to attend if you so choose.

>> Were you UNSUCCESSFUL in completing ALL configuration steps outlined on the Laptop Setup for New Users page?

Then please bring your laptop with power adapter to the Educational Technology Orientation. In the last part of the session, MedEDTech will offer a hands-on workshop with Q/A opportunity to ensure your laptop is properly configured to begin school.

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