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Test Analysis

The Office of Educational Technology offers a Test Analysis (computerized exam/survey processing and analysis) Service. We are located at the MedEDTech Administrative Office customer service desk (330 MET) and can be reached at 858.822.5741 or email us at

Please NOTE: The SOM Test Analysis Service (Scantron exam/survey processing and analysis) will be discontinued as of June 30, 2018.
Read the notice sent October, 2017.

About the Service

The forms used have space for 240 - 5 possible choice (A-E) questions. These forms cannot be bought at the bookstore. You may pickup the forms at our office or in special cases we can mail them to you.

To order forms: You may call ahead or email us to request forms, please be ready with the following information:

  • Instructor name
  • Your name (if different)
  • Course number
  • Exam date
  • # of forms needed.

We will prepare a package that we will keep on our front counter for you to pick up at your convenience between 8am-4pm business days. You can also drop in without calling ahead, we usually have enough forms on hand to accommodate a last minute request.  You are not charged until you bring the forms back for grading, so an index number will be needed to be charged. Some departments like Biological Sciences will not give an index directly to faculty or TAs, in this case, please have the secretary or administrative assistant of your unit/department email us at

The cost for our service is $.50 per form processed and a $44 per hour labor charge*. As an example, a 150 student exam  takes roughly 1 hour to process (150 x $0.50 = $75 + $44 = $119.00), so your total cost would be $119.00.

* Please NOTE: Effective July 1, 2016, the labor rate will increase from $25 / hour to $44 / hour.  This is the first increase in the Test Analysis rate since 2006.  Also on that date, the cost of Scantron forms (if purchased through SOM) will be reduced from $0.50 / form to $0.25 / form.  Departments are not required to purchase forms through SOM, but should contact us for form purchasing information (since the forms compatible with the scanner are not available at the campus bookstore.  Lastly, we are discontinuing the practice of providing Refunds to Departments if they return unused forms.

We provide printout copies of the results, divided into 5 parts. Refer to the Section Descriptions page for a detailed description of each section.

  1. Raw Data
  2. Test Statistics Section
  3. Class Analysis Section
  4. Item Analysis Section
  5. Item Analysis Summary Table

Please note: We cannot calculate extra credit questions with our Test Analysis program. Also, we cannot process a question that has a correct answer requiring two choices to be bubbled in (i.e. question #4 is both A and D). However, the program can allow for alternate answers during exam processing.

Before the exam is given, please advise the students on the following

  • To use a #2 pencil
  • To fill the circles completely
  • To erase clearly any answer that they wish to change
  • To print and bubble last name and first name on back side
  • To print and bubble the identification number on the back side
  • To not make any stray marks on the answer sheet

After the exam is given, please provide us with the following information:

  • Index/budget number to be charged
  • Question Values (i.e. questions 1-5 are 2pts each, questions 6-9 are 3pts each)
  • Alternate Answers (i.e. question #3 is either A or C)

Medical Exam Form Guidelines

  1. Pencil only. The scanner does not read ink.
  2. DO NOT make any stray marks on the form, especially along the edges of the form. This prohibits the scanner from reading your answers properly.
  3. If you are a Medical Student, you need to bubble in your 8 digit AAMC number only. Pharmacy and Grad students should bubble in 8 digits of their PID#, omitting the "A."
  4. Please bubble in your name if applicable, on red forms, please print your name on the line.
  5. Please bubble in the circles completely as demonstrated on the form... the scanner cannot read the bubbles if there is a light mark or just an "x" or checkmark.
  6. Erase any answer you wish to change. Marking an "x" over an undesired answer will not be read by the scanner and in fact marks it as a zero.

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