Medical Education and Technology

CUrriculum REsources Database

CURE” (short for Curriculum Resources) is MedEd’s database of the core course information. The digital resources associated with these courses and clerkships – handouts, slides, etc. – are also included in this repository.

To launch the project, the database was populated with information available from the previous two academic years. Starting with the 2009-2010 academic year, course content is being systemically collected and input into CURE to ensure that these assets are archived and available in this repository.

The CURE Catalog is a simple web-accessible interface that can be used to search for logistical and descriptive information about courses or individual sessions. It can even find PowerPoint slides, PDF or Word documents, or other assets that conform to search parameters.

The CURE-powered websites use the database as a content provider, dynamically supplying consistent, up-to-date information organized into a standard course or clerkship format. The Preclinical Course websites have recently been upgraded to draw their content from CURE, and similar improvements to the Clinical Clerkship websites are scheduled for early 2010.

CURE is password protected, with access limited to UCSD School of Medicine students and faculty. Its contents can be accessed once logged into the MedEd Web Portal via the newly added CURE Catalog tab located above the forums in the main section of your class page.

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