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Web Hosting for SOM Student Organizations

SOM Student Organizations

To be officially hosted, Student Organization websites require pre-approval from the SOM Office of Student Affairs.  Once official, they are listed with all the other Student Organizations on the Student Affairs website External Site / New Windowand the MedEd Student Web Portal External Site / New Window.

Website Development

Students are responsible for creating their SOM student organizational websites.

  • For SOM Student Organizations that have website development experience, a variety of tools are available:
    For the Mac and the PC, we suggest using Sublime Text as your editor of choice.
  • Also, there are many internet sites that allow users to download a graphical templates for web development at no (or very little) cost. Below are a few examples. See the specific site for terms of usage.

    NOTE: Students must use a compliant SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) program. MedEDTech suggests FileZilla for the PC and Cyberduck for the Mac.
  • If students seek to develop a website for their SOM Student Organization and they have limited website development experience, there is an alternative.  They can elect to use the MedEDTech Content Management System (CMS) and the standard template it provides.  The MedEd CMS contains a WYSIWYG editor and the capability to include hyperlinks, tables, documents, images and movies.  A one hour CMS session by MedEDTech staff provides enough training to get the student organization's website team up and running.  Here are some examples of SOM Student Organization websites developed using the MedEd CMS: Medical Students for Justice External Site / New Window, SOM Mentors External Site / New Window and Doctors Ought to Care External Site / New Window.

MedEDTech Web Hosting Policies

  1. Sites must be in compliance with the Acceptable Use Policy.
  2. For Student Organization websites, please get approval from the Office of Student Affairs before contacting MedEDTech group. Information about Student Organizations can be found here External Site / New Window.
  3. While there is no server storage limit for Student Organization websites currently, they require IT technical assistance to create the server space and login accounts. Once MedEDTech receives OSA approval, the following actions occur:
    • MedEDTech will submit a Service Ticket to the IT group to create space on the development and production servers with a predetermined folder name (usually an abbreviated title for the Student Organization).
    • A login account is created to access the space on the development server.
    • Instructions are sent to the Student Organization "webmaster" describing the login account, file transfer process, and final upload procedure (done by IT staff) where copies of the content from the development server are copied to the production server.

Set-Up Procedure for Websites

Student Organization members will be sent instructions after OSA approval (see Step 3 above).



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