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Web Portal - Overview

The MedEd Student Web Portal External Site / New Windowcoordinates the diverse electronic resources used by UCSD's medical students, faculty, and the various offices of student and curricular support. The Web Portal draws from a variety of databases and electronic systems. It seamlessly delivers information to the user in a contextually appropriate format and without the need to traverse diverse applications authentication, management of accounts, and the technical challenges of interactions between these systems are all handled behind the scenes. As a consequence, users can enter the Web Portal with a single sign-on and be provided with the resources and tools that are appropriate to their group (student, staff, faculty, resource administrator, or system manager).

The Web Portal's front page houses a great deal of information that is not password protected - including links to UCSD SOM news items, student awards, student organizations, SOM-Community programs, MedEd publications, and photo gallery of recent student events. Once you are logged into the Web Portal, you will have a personalized view that provides you access to various MedEd online student resources.

The Course Information section shows the course websites and associated resources available.  At the top of this section are links to the class podcasts and E-Reserves.  Below those links are the course website links divided by type: Human Health and Disease; and Clinical Foundations.  The course website section is designed to show preclinical students which course resources are available in one quick glance of the four links: Home, A&M (soon to be replaced by Events), Anncmts, and Q&A.  At the top of this section

  1. The Home link launches the course's website.
  2. The Events link launches the course's Events page.
  3. The Anncmts link switches to the Announcements discussion forum (one-way communication from the course to students).
  4. The Q&A link displays the course's Q & A discussion forum (two-way communication between the course and students).

While every core course does have a website (e.g. the Home link is always active), some courses do not support various resources (e.g., no Q & A forum). In those cases, the associated links are deactivated. In addition, for the preclinical class years, the Course Information section has tabs for each academic quarter to allow browsing to future/past quarters.

The Resource Information section contains links to helpful curricular materials such as the Core Course Directors Roster, Exam Schedule, the Elective Course Bulletin, the Office of Educational Support Services and the Course Evaluation system. There are also links to websites from the MedEd Offices, Libraries, and General Campus to provide information you might need all in one place.

The core section of the Web Portal is divided into tabs: Forums, Calendars, Class Info, Careers, Contacts and My Info.

The forums are online discussions or bulletin boards to which users may post messages and polls. They are organized into two pull-down menus: one lists forums related to a specific class year and the other lists all the additional forums available. Each class year of medical students has their own Student Life forum. Medical school courses and student groups have their own forums as well. Students use the forums for everything from questions about their course work to organizing parties and finding roommates. Students may subscribe to ForumMail to receive copies of the forum postings via email.  NOTE: Students are automatically subscribed to their course Announcements forum and cannot unsubscribe from them.  This setting was requested by the course directors and administration to ensure that students receive any critical/important messages directly to their email.

There are calendars available to browse online.

  • The MSI and MSII Core Course Calendars are calendars which include all regularly scheduled meetings of the preclinical core courses. These calendars are provided by the core courses and are entered into the online calendar at the beginning of each quarter and updated periodically throughout the quarter.
  • The Student Life Calendar is maintained by the Office of Student Affairs. It contains events and programs run by Student Affairs as well as those arranged by student government and other student organizations.
  • The Student-Run Free Clinic Project in partnership with the community, provides accessible, quality healthcare for the underserved in a respectful environment in which students, health professionals, patients, and community members learn from one another. The Free Clinic has three calendars - the SpecialtyClinic Calendar, the Student Calendar, and the Attending Calendar.

Class Info
This tab consists of official documents from the Administration and useful reference materials published by the MedEd Offices (e.g., OSA, UGME, Financial Aid, etc.).

The Careers In Medicine tab contains online resources to assist in the career-planning decision. Time tables, Residency Panel streaming videos discussing various specialties, links to AAMC sites, and a MedEd-developed resource HOLA (Help from OnLine Alumni) to enable online discussions with UCSD Alumni.

The Contacts tab is a online address book that allows users to:

  • Search for a specific student (by first name, last name, or undergraduate institution),
  • Browse by class year or all years, or
  • Output to a
    • "Photo Card": student photo, student name, email address - formatted for printing or copying to a word processor.
    • "Comma Separated Value" (csv) file;: student name and email address - formatted to copy to Word, Excel, Access or Email applications for importing to your address book.

My Info
This tab contains user-specific data such as Advisor information, Independent Study Project (ISP) information, Exam Results (for paper exams only), ForumMail delivery options and the ability to reset their local Web Portal password.

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