Room Scheduling

Rooms Scheduled by Others - La Jolla Medical Center Campus

Notice: HS Room Scheduling only schedules certain rooms in ECOB and not any of the other spaces at the La Jolla Medical Center.  The limited information known is shown below as well as any other information regarding those areas.

Moores Cancer Center

  Click here to go to Moores Cancer Center's Room Scheduling system* External Site / New Window

*Please note: Clients have reported having issues accessing this site from certain computers.

HS Room Scheduling has no other contact information for this location.

The Goldberg auditorium does have videoconferencing capability.

East Campus Office Building (ECOB)

ECOB Rm 2-058, Training Rm / Contact is 3HELP,,  x3-4357

Click the following link to go to CTRI's rooms (Room 1-015 & 1-016) in ECOB: Site / New Window

For any other rooms in ECOB, submit the request using the website. External Site / New Window


There are no conference rooms available for groups outside of CVC clinical. 


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