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Healthcare Simulation: A Guide for Operations Specialists

The book illustrates the current state and evolution of the simulation professional workforce and discusses the topics necessary for the development of this pivotal role. The book promotes the value of simulation in healthcare and its associated outcomes while clarifying the operational requirements of successful simulations.


Simulation in Healthcare Education: An  Extensive History

Comprehensive coverage of the key developments leading to the introduction of simulators in healthcare professional education and training around the globe



Comprehensive Healthcare Simulation: Pediatrics

Concise yet comprehensive discussion of all practical aspects of simulation training and evaluation in pediatrics.



The Comprehensive Textbook of Healthcare Simulation

Covers the use of simulation in training in each specialty and is aimed at healthcare educators and administrators who are developing their own simulation centers or programs and professional organizations looking to incorporate the technology into their credentialing process. 



Manual of Simulation in Healthcare

This book assists both novice and experienced workers in the field to learn from established practitioners in medical simulation. Simulation has been used to enhance the educational experience in a diverse range of fields; therefore a wide variety of disciplines are represented.


The Sim Tech


This website is a "a free online resource focused on healthcare simulation." It currently contains an audio/visual database for scenarios, do-it-yourself moulage information, and various other documents/templates used by simulation training centers around the world. 


SIU School of Medicine: DIY Task Trainers


This website, organized by the SIU School of Medicine, includes detailed instructions on how to create do-it-yourself task trainers. These trainers are used to practice procedures performed by departments including urology, general/vascular surgery, and more. 


Additional medical simulation resources available via the UCSD Electronics Library.


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