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Adult Cricothyrotomy Trainer

Description Used for a surgical training platform for cricothyrotomy. In addition, it is compatible with nasogastric intubation and retrograde intubation.  

Manufacturer SynDaver Labs

Quantity 2 Available


AirSim Advance Combo

Description The AirSim Advance Combo features the AirSim Airway with Difficult Airway 2 insert, nasal passage, an anatomically accurate simulated cricoid, laryngeal cartilages and palpable tracheal rings.  Can be used for bag mask ventilation, supraglottic airway placement, direct or video laryngoscopy, oral or nasotracheal intubation and criothyroidotomy or tracheostomy.  

Manufacturer Trucorp

Quantity 1 Available


AirSim Advance Bronchi

Description The AirSim Advance Bronchi features the AirSim Airway with Difficult Airway 1 insert, nasal passage, an anatomically accurate bronchial tree for teaching fiberoptic bronchoscopy.  

Manufacturer Trucorp

Quantity 1 Available


AirSim Child

Description The AirSim Child features the AirSim Airway with standard insert, nasal passage, and optional tongue edema. Approximates a 6 year old patient.  

Manufacturer Trucorp

Quantity 1 Available


Assorted Airway Devices

Includes Laryngoscopes (Macintosh/Miller blades, sizes 1-4), laryngeal mask airway (LMAs), endotracheal tubes

Manufacturer Various

Quantity 10+ Available



Difficult Airway Management Simulator Training Model

Description Used for airway management training. Includes various lessons: mouth opening (3 levels), neck flexibility (2 levels) and inflatable tongue and laryngospasm.  Includes the option to add a tracheobronchial tree for teaching fiberoptic bronchoscopy.

Manufacturer Kyoto Kagaku

Quantity 1 Available



Storz C-Mac Video Laryngoscope/Bronchoscope System

Description High-definition video laryngoscope system. We have one 80o D-blade (comparable to 70o curvature of the Glidescope), and video Macintosh #2 and #3 blades.  These two macintosh blades are ideal for teaching in that they allow trainees to perform standard direct laryngoscopy while the instructor can see what they are seeing on the C-Mac screen.

Manufacturer Karl Storz

Quantity 1 Available


7-Sigma Torso Airway Trainer 

Description The 7S3 Modular Airway Trainer with Advanced Airway pairs high fidelity anatomy with a modular design to provide a realistic, multifunctional airway management training system.Supports confirmation of intubation via auscultation and chest excursion (chest rise). Advanced and Intermediate airway module available.

Manufacturer 7-Sigma

Quantity 1 Available

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