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Anatomic Models 

Essential Anatomy Tablet

 Description Essential Anatomy is a software application that contains 4,000 highly detailed anatomical structures. Each structure contains an audio english pronunciation and Latin nomenclature, along with a detailed description. Navigate directly from the model or use the search function to intuitively find structures easily. 

Manufacturer 3D 4 Medical


Knee Joint Model

 Description Our knee model articulates with lifelike flexible ligaments realistically duplicating the functionality of the human knee joint. 


Manufacturer Denoyer-Geppert 

Quantity 2


Shoulder Joint Model 

Description Articulates with life-like flexible ligaments, this cast replica includes the proximal half of the humerus, clavicle and scapula.

Manufacturer    Denoyer-Geppert 

Quantity 1

Dual Sex Torso with Open Back 

Description A complete life size torso with open back is composed of 27 parts and provides an exceptionally realistic reproduction of anatomical structures in their finest detail. All of the body systems are represented with full accessibility. Significant structures are numbered and referenced on the accompanying key.

Manufacturer Altay Specific 

Quantity 1 Available 

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