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Lumbar Puncture 

Lumbar Puncture II

Description Closely simulates the lumbar anatomy including the anatomical landmarks. Provides life-like sensation of bothskin and tissue resistance to the spinal needle. Allows students to both collect CSF fluid and measure CSF fluid pressure. Includes a separate anatomical model of the lumbar spine and transparent puncture block. 

Manufacturer Kyoto Kagaku Co.

Quantity 1 Available


Lumbar Puncture Baby

Description This pediatric lumbar puncture trainer simulates a two week old infant that can be positioned either lateral or decubitus. The replaceable tissue has L3 – L5 vertebrae with a partial sacrum and the gluteal crest. Each tissue includes a spinal cord filled with simulated CSF and the epidural venous plexus filled with simulated blood. The Simulated IV Bag provides control of the drip rate at the procedure site as desired.

Manufacturer Simulab Corp.

Quantity 1 Available



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