Simulation Training Center

How to View the Schedule of Events

Click this URL to view the schedule: MET Lower Level Schedule
 (current bug that also includes cancelled events - the vendor has been alerted to this issue)

Alternatively, follow these steps to view the schedule of currently scheduled events:

1.  Go to the Browse Locations page of the HS Reservations website. External Site / New Window

HS Reservations website's Browse For Space view

    Figure 1

2.  Click the Add/Remove Locations link (Item #1 in Figure 1 above).  In the Locations window, click the "Medical Education and Telemedicine Building" checkbox and then the Update Locations button.

3.  Next click the Add Filters button (Item #2 in Figure 1 above) and select the Floors choice.  In the Floors window, scroll down and click the "Lower Level" checkbox and then the Update Floors button.
















4. Adjust the view for the desired date by clicking the appropriate directional buttons by the date (Item #3 in Figure 1 above).

5.  Verify room availability for the MET Lower Level rooms.



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