Medical Education Technology and Evaluation

Educational Development:  Mission

Medical Education Technology and Evaluation is responsible for developing, implementing and evaluating faculty development resources and seminars specifically related to educational activities. As part of this mission, the Medical Education Development Series (MEDS), a CME accredited series,  is conducted each year. It's purpose is to promote the science and art of medicine and the betterment of the public health through improved faculty teaching and training of medical students. Individual seminars within this series address current issues in Medical Education. Individual assistance with developing course goals and objectives, designing syllabi, and incorporating active learning techniques is also available.  

LCME Standards

Standard 4:  4.5 Faculty Professional Development. A medical school and/or its sponsoring institution provides opportunities for professional development to each faculty member in the areas of discipline content, curricular design, program evaluation, student assessment methods, instructional methodology, and or research to enhance his or her skills and leadership abilities in these areas.


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