Medical Education Technology and Evaluation

Evaluation: Mission

Medical Education Technology and Evaluation is responsible for the implementation and evaluation of centralized systems for faculty, student and course evaluation. The purpose of this evaluation system has both formative and evaluative aspects. With regard to the former, the purpose is to provide reliable and valid feedback to course directors, faculty (lecturers, small group leaders, lab instructors, etc), and students in order to promote growth and improvement in course organization, teaching activities, and student skills and competencies. With regard to the latter, the evaluation system provides a record for course review purposes, promotion and tenure purposes (faculty advancement) and student grades (competencies).


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LCME Standards

Standard 8: 8.5  Medical Student Feedback. In evaluating medical education program quality, a medical school has formal processes in place to collect and consider medical student evaluations of their courses, clerkships, and teachers, and other relevant information.



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