ACA Preceptor

Ambulatory Care Apprenticeship Physician Resources

A Practical Guide to Clinical Medicine by Dr. Charles Goldberg

This website, written by our very own Dr. Charles Goldeberg, is an excellent tool for teaching students. It goes over the basic clinical examinations in detail.


Library Access

This website links you to the UCSD libraries. With your Voluntary Faculty Appointment you will be bale to gain access to the resources our library system provides. From books to the most recent journals.


Session Sign-Offs and Evaluations

This website is called OASIS. You will be able to sign-off on the sessions and evaluate the students using this website. In the evaluation you can provide feddback to both the course administration as well as the students. Here are some examples of the evaluation form.


Medical Education and Development Series

This website is a listing of Continuing Medical Eductaion courses you can take as a teaching physician in our program. These courses are free and are wonderful experiences for those invloved,


UCSD Health Sciences Faculty Development

This website contains links to all of the faculty development resources available to UCSD Health Sciences Faculty.


UCSD Physical Exam App

Dr. Charles Goldberg has just launched 'Pocket PEx,' a free physical exam smart phone app.  It's a quick reference, designed to remind you of the elements (and order) of the complete and regional physical exams.  It also includes links to resources that provide instruction on how to perform each element.  To download for iPhones:  and for android users:

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