Undergraduate Medical Education

International Health Electives

Why should medical students consider international activities?

  • Participation in the delivery of health care in other countries is an important opportunity for students to serve others and also benefit their own medical education.
  • Students take care of individuals with a wide range of disease processes, many of which are rarely seen in the United States.
  • Students may have the opportunity to be supervised in the performance of multiple medical procedures such as lumbar puncture, thoracocentesis, paracentesis, bone marrow biopsy, deliveries, cesarean sections, etc.
  • Students are exposed to different cultural and economic realities, raising awareness of the importance of these issues in all health care activities, both domestic and international.
  • Depending upon the location of the international experience, students may have the opportunity to develop or consolidate non-English language skills.
  • Students interact with trainees and physicians who have been educated in different systems and thus are exposed to different perspectives on the practice of medicine.

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