Undergraduate Medical Education

Add your own experience & photos!

Share with other UCSD students where you practiced medicine and, of course, the other fun extra-curricular things you did around the world. Fill out a UCSD International Elective Database formExternal Site / New Windowand submit it directly to the Office of Educational Technology or print out a form and return to Barbara Swapp at the OSA. I suggest you take a copy of the form with you overseas so that you can learn more about your program by filling it out while you are there.

Contact the Office of Educational Technology to have your photos added to the Photo Album! Include your name, class year, date and place of elective with a caption for each picture. They will select and scan the best photos and return the prints to you.

Also, contact the Office of Educational Technology with changes and updates. If you have hard copy printouts, catalogues, application forms, etc. from different programs, you can make a copy of them or place the originals in a file at Dr. Harold Simon's office.

Thank you all for your input!

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