Undergraduate Medical Education

Funding Sources

Academy for Educational Development (AED) - National Security Education Program (NSEP) - Graduate Fellowships. Emphasizes countries, languages, and fields of study deemed critical to U.S. national security. Applicants design their own programs and may combine study of language with medical work. Minimum given for 1 semester, max of 6 semesters. Has a service requirement equivalent to the duration of support from NSEP either for a U.S. government agency or in higher education. Application Deadline: Jan 15. Awards announced in late April. Application and information available from Barbara Swapp's office in the OSA or contact:

    Academy for Educational Development
    National Security Education Program Graduate Fellowship Officer
    1825 Connecticut Ave, NW
    Washington, DC 20009-5721
    ph: (202) 884-8285 or (800)498-9360
    fax: (202)884-8408
    email: nsep@aed.org

University of Alabama at Birmingham, School of Public Health - Research training opportunity to minority undergraduate, medical students (all years), and graduate students who have an interest in the areas of nutrition, tropical and infectious diseases, reproductive health and/or STD and AIDS. Sites: Ghana, Bangladesh, Peru, Jamaica, Guatemala, and. Trinidad. Graduate programs: 3-12 months. Application Deadline: early February. Students first apply with a statement of purpose with area of interest. If student offered a country site, they then develop a research proposal with local site preceptor and U. of Alabama preceptor. Must be US citizen or permanent resident. African American,. Hispanic American, or Native American. Contact:

    Dr. Pauline Jolly, Director of MIRT Program
    University of Alabama at Birmingham, School of Public Health
    Department of International Health
    Room 217 Ryals Bldg1665 University Blvd.
    Birmingham, AL 35294
    ph: (205) 975-9749
    fax: (205) 975-3329
    e-mail: jollyp@uab.edu
    http://www.uab.eduExternal Site / New Window

American Medical Students Association

    The AMSA Foundation
    International Health Studies Center
    1890 Preston White Drive
    Easton, VA 22091ph: (703) 620-6600 (ext. 453)
    http://www.amsa.orgExternal Site / New Window

American Medical Women's Association - AWHS Scholarship

Must be an AMWA member and be for service to the underserved. More information obtained from their website.

   American Medical Women's Association
    801 N. Fairfax Street, Suite 400
    Alexandria, VA 22314
    ph: (703).838.0500
    fax: (703).549.3864
    e-mail: info@amwa-doc.org and mglanz@amwa-doc.org    
    http://www.amwa-doc.org/External Site / New Window

B.H. Kean Fellowship - Full time students, and residents and fellows in any medical specialty or sub-specialty who express an interest in tropical medicine or international health may apply. Applicants must arrange their own elective with the approval of a supervising faculty mentor at their institution. An overseas mentor must be identified, and a research plan or plan of clinical study presented. Preference will be given to applicants sponsored by a member of the American Committee on Clinical Tropical Medicine and Traveler's Health (ACCTMTH). Fellowship will provide travel expenses for medical students and up to $700 toward living expenses. Kean Fellows will be required to prepare and present reports describing their activities. Deadline for submission: May 1, 2000. Contact:

    B.H. Kean Fellowship, Christopher Plowe, M.D.
    c/o Christina KempUniversity of Maryland School of Medicine
    685 West Baltimore Street, HSF 480
    Baltimore, Maryland 21201
    ph: (410) 706-2491
    fax. (410) 706-0327
    e-mail: ckemp@medicine.umaryland.edu

Belgian American Educational Foundation - Graduate fellowships for study in Belgium. Applicants will be nominated by the dean of the graduate school or professional school of his/her university. The grant carries a stipend of $12,000 --- which includes round-trip travel expenses, lodging and living expenses in Belgium for a period of ten months, as well as tuition or enrollment fees, if any. In addition, the Foundation will cover health insurance for the Fellow. Nominations are due no later than January 31st. Announcement will be made by March 31st. The candidates will need to be a US citizen, preferably under 30 years of age with speaking and reading knowledge of Dutch, French or German. With a Masters or equivalent degree, or working towards a PhD or equivalent degree. Contact:

    Belgian American Educational Foundation
    195 Church Street
    New Haven, CT 06510
    ph: (203) 777-5765

Christian Medical and Dental Associations - James S. Westra Memorial Endowment Fund. CMDA offers a program of grants-in-aid through the James S. Westra Memorial Endowment Fund that provides selected medical/dental students with clinical experiences of two weeks or more in mission settings in developing countries. The awards cover transportation and project-related expenses up to $1000. Applicants must be a CMDA member, a third or fourth year medical/dental student enrolled in a traditional four-year program, be able to show financial need. Application deadlines: April 1, August 1 and Dec 1. May printout applications from website below. Contact:

    James S. Westra Memorial Endowment Fund Coordinator
    Christian Medical and Dental Associations
    PO Box 7500
    Bristol, TN 37621-7500
    ph: (423) 844-1000
    fax: (423) 844-1005
    e-mail: gloria@christian-doctors.com
    http://www.cmda.org/Content/NavigationMenu/Missions/Scholarships/WestraMissionsScholarship/External Site / New Window

Dooley Foundation/Intermed Inc. - This organization provides financial, technical, material and educational support to those nations requesting assistance for the development of their medical care and health worker training services but also provides medical care to refugee groups. They also promote support of projects focused on public health, preventative medicine, primary health care, auxiliary health worker training and family planning. Contact:

    Dr. Maria Compte
    420 Lexington Avenue, Rm. 2331
    New York, New York 10170
    ph: (212) 687-3620
    fax: (212) 599-6137
    e-mail: compte@dooleyintermed.org
    http://www.dooleyintermed.orgExternal Site / New Window

Foreign Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention - Medical Receptor Program. This competitive program provides round-trip travel and hospitality for fourth-year students participating at one of the program's many international sites. Eight to fifteen students per year are accepted for a minimum of eight weeks. Should apply early in third year. Check their web site or join their mailing list for other projects available to students, especially first year students wanting to get exposure to overseas missions work. Need to be an active member of a Southern Baptist Church. Preference given to medical missions candidates, and recommendation by the dean of the medical school regarding character, morals, and academic ability. Contact:

    Ms. Roxanne Howard, Sec. Program Coordinator
    Mr. Mike Lopez, Coordinator
    Foreign Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention
    Personnel Selection Department
    3806 Monument Avenue
    Richmond, VA 23230-0767
    ph: (804) 353-0151 and (800) 999-2889 ext., 1495
    Local Baptist Convention in California ph: (209) 229-9533
    http://www.imb.orgExternal Site / New Window

Global Health Ministries - Award up to four travel grants annually to assist approved fourth-year medical students to a GHM related hospital or health care center in Tanzania, Madagascar, or Cameroon for an international elective of at least eight weeks duration. Candidates must be active and committed Christians and a member of a Lutheran church. The maximum award of the grant is $700. Application through the GHM office. Contact:

    Mr. Lowell Hesterman, Scholarship Coordinator
    Global Health Ministries
    8731 Hickory Street, NE
    Minneapolis, MN 55432-2500
    ph: (612) 586-9590
    fax: (612) 586-9591
    e-mail: ghm@compuserve.com
    http://www.ghm.orgExternal Site / New Window

Japan Society for the Promotion of Science - Offers a JSPS Fellowship for Research in Japan: Short-term Program, and a JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowship Program.

    Japan Society for the Promotion of Science
    Head, Exchange of Persons Division
    Yamato Building
    5-3-1 Kojimachi
    Tokyo 102
    ph: 81-3-3263-1721
    fax: 81-3-3222-1986

MAP-RDIF - International Fellowship Program. The MAP-Reader s Digest International Fellowship Program provides for 75% of the most economical regularly scheduled round-trip airfare to one site for senior medical students and resident physicians. Students serve with well-qualified physicians associated with rural or outlying mission hospitals, clinics, or community health programs recognized by MAP. The purpose is to offer clinical experiences in settings that will enable them to become familiar with the cultural, social and medical problems characteristic of developing countries and thereby encourage the students to seriously consider career involvement in Christian medical missions. A minimum of eight weeks must be spent on location. Application Deadline: June 1. Contact:

    Ms. C. G. Rosser, RDIF Coordinator
    Medical Assistance Program International (MAP)
    PO Box 215000
    Brunswick, GA 31521-5000
    ph: (800) 225-8550
    fax: (912) 265-6170
    e-mail: mapus@map.org
    http://www.map.orgExternal Site / New Window

National Institute of Health - The Minority International Research Training (MIRT) The training

program is expected to increase awareness of international research issues and opportunities, acquaint students with a range of career opportunities in biomedical and behavioral research and encourage participants to pursue post-baccalaureate degrees and careers in biomedical and behavioral research especially related to minority health problems. Priority is given to students who wish to perform research especially pertinent to health disparities among underserved groups in the U.S. or in developing countries. Graduate and medical students must be involved in original data collection. Routine clinical or lab work, coursework or training in scientific techniques alone are not the objective of the training supported by this RFA except in so far as they allow the students to be involved in original data collection. The duration of the training for graduate and medical students is ten to twelve weeks. For students of minority origins only. For a list of participating universities and schools, each with multiple programs, contact:

    http://www.fic.nih.gov/programs/training_grants/mirt/ External Site / New Window

Pan American Health Organization - training program in international health. Must be working on MPH or equivalent. Minimum of two years experiences in directing programs, projects or services, in education or health research. Must be a member of PAHO member countries. Age limit of 35. Must have English with a working knowledge of Spanish. A stipend of US $2183.02/month. Contact CSIH for more details. Also contact:

    http://www.paho.org External Site / New Window

Rotary Foundation - Ambassadorial Scholarship. Graduate scholarships for international study are available in any field and require one-year of study abroad. Students will be expected to be enrolled in a program of study at a university, but may be combined with medical work. The scholarships cover travel expenses and include room and board. Will be expected to talk about experience upon return. Contact your local chapter for information . Applications due at the local chapter about one and a half years before departure. Application forms can be obtained from the website below under Ambassadorial Scholarship. Contact:

    The Rotary Foundation
    1600 Ridge Avenue
    Evanston, IL 60201
    ph: (312) 328-0100
    Or Kristin Petroskey
    The Rotary Foundation
    1560 Sherman Ave, 16th Floor
    Evanston, IL 60201
    ph: (708) 866-3000
    http://www.rotary.org/en/StudentsAndYouth/EducationalPrograms/AmbassadorialScholarships/ External Site / New Window

The Swedish Institute (Svenska Institutet) - The scholarships are granted only for studies/research which cannot be equally well pursued in countries other than Sweden. Scholarship are usually granted for one academic year (9 months), but can also be awarded for study periods of shorter duration. Student must establish contact with a Swedish university department willing to accept the applicant before he/she applies. A copy of a letter from the Swedish university proving that the applicant is welcome there must be sent together with the letter requesting application forms. Scholarship amount of SEK 7,000 per month. Application must be received before Dec 1st. Contact:

    The Swedish Institute (Svenska Institutet)
    Guest Scholarships
    PO Box 7434
    S-103 91 Stockholm
    ph: 011-46-8-789-2000
    fax: 011-46-8-20-7048

Wilderness Medical Society - Charles S. Houston Award . The Wilderness Medical Society is interested in nurturing an awareness and appreciation among students of medicine for the medical aspects of outdoor and wilderness activities. The Charles S. Houston Award is given annually to one or two students who have submitted research proposals most likely to result in a substantive contribution to the field of wilderness and environmental medicine. The research is usually conducted over the course of a summer, approximately three months. The award is not limited to research within the US, up to $1500. Contact:

    Wilderness Medical Society 
    PO Box 2463
    Indianapolis, IN 46206
    ph: fax: (317)-269-8150

Pennsylvania Medical Missionary Society

The purpose of the Pennsylvania Medical Missionary Society is to assist with the tuition of those students who are planning a career in foreign medical missions. (PMMS does not offer financial assistance to medical school students to do short-term medical electives overseas). For more information or to receive an application, contact:

    Margaret Mutchpmms
    Pennsylvania Medical Missionary Society
    8840 Germantown Avenue
    Philadelphia, PA 19118
    ph: (610) 664-5115

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