Undergraduate Medical Education


This is a compilation of individual contacts, hospitals and organizations that offer a wide variety of international experiences. A more detailed description of those that were submitted by UCSD students between 1988-present can be seen in this web site under UCSD International Experience Database (login required) where you can also search by country, continent, language, specialties offered, and pre-clinical vs. MS3/MS4. You can link to individual database entries by clicking on the See International Database - student's comments link that follows such records. Please help update this web site by submitting your own contacts or deleting the ones that no longer exist by contacting the Office of Educational Technology or Stephanie Barrett. Thank you.

The programs have been divided into the following categories:
Summer programs
Religious Organizations
Other Independent Contacts/Hospitals
Language Programs
Volunteer Opportunities

Additional guidance is available at http://www.ihmec.org/resources/guidebook/planprep.pdf



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