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Provides field-oriented information resources and a forum for discussion, networking, and fellowship to Christian organizations and individuals working in international health.

Africa Inland Missions
Several hospitals throughout Africa.  Mainly for clinical students though community health outreaches are available in some hospitals.  Following is a list of hospitals/organizations they work with:

Dr. Ted Barnett, US Director
P.O. Box 178
Pearl River, NY 10965
Ph: (914) 735-4014
Fax: (914) 735-1814
E-mail: Info.AIM@aimint.org
http://www.goshen.net/AIM External Site / New Window

Naomi Olson, Coordinator of Volunteer Ministries
same address
E-mail: Naomi_olson@aimint.org
http://www.aimint.org/usa External Site / New Window

World Medical Mission
P.O.Box 3000
Boone, NC 28607
Ph: (704) 262-1980

Mission to the World/Impact
P.O.Box 29765
Atlanta, GA 30359

Pioneers' Sprint Teams
12343 Narcoossee Road
Orlando, FL 32827

STEM Ministries
P.O.Box 290066
Minneapolis, MN 55429-6066

Medical Missions Healthcare Ministries
P.O.Box 90819
Lakeland, FL 33804-0819

Joel Brown
Mechanicsville, IA
Ph: (319) 432-6694

Prince of Peace Corps/Global Outreach Mission, Inc.
P.O.Box 711
Buffalo, NY 14240-0711
Ph: (716) 688-5048
E-mail: beephill64@aol.com

American Baptist Association Missionary Committee
Randy Cloud, Secretary/Treasurer
P.O. Box 1050
Texarkana, TX 75504
Ph: (903) 792-2312
Fax: (903) 794-1290
http://www.abamissions.org/ External Site / New Window

Baptist Mid-Missions
Serves Baptist Independent churches throughout USA.  A candidate must be a member of the Baptist Church and be formally recommended by their church. Their spaces fill fast so applications should be mailed about 1 year in advance.

Your local Baptist church
Send recommendation to Dr. Steven Fulks
Baptist Mid-Missions
7749 Webster Rd
Cleveland, OH 44130-8011
E-mail: sfulks@bmm.org
http://www.bmm.org External Site / New Window

Christian Mission of Pignon, Haiti (CMP)
The Mission of the Christian Mission of Pignon (CMP) is to serve as an open window to and for Christianity, to nurture the spiritual growth of both the Lord's servants and the people of Haiti, and to practically demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ to our Haitian brothers and sisters by assisting the region with long-term, self-sustaining program efforts in the areas of preventive and acute health care, functional literacy and educational opportunities, clean water and essential sanitation facilities, agricultural development and training, community and economic development. An outpatient clinic and small hospital provide major and minor surgery, radiology, pharmacy, lab, eye and dental clinics, nutrition training center.


Mail: CMP c/o MFI Box 15665 W. Palm Beach, FL 33416
Ph/Fax: (509)57-3001
US Support: Sue Schoettle, 1600 Fairway Memphis, AR 72212-2432
E-mail: WCRF2001@aol.com
Guy Deve Theodore, MD Field Director
Pat Metzelaars, RN Stateside Coordinator
Ph/Fax: (318) 371-1698
E-mail: CMPMetzelaars@Compuserve.com

Christian and Missionary Alliance

Dr. Peter Nanfelt, VP Overseas Division
P.O. Box 35000
Colorado Springs, CO 80935
Ph: (719) 599-5999
Fax (719) 599-8346
E-mail: 70570-3457@compuserve.com
http://www.cmalliance.org/ External Site / New Window

Church of the Nazarene, World Mission Division

Dr. Louie E. Bustle, Director
6401 The Paseo
Kansas City,MO 64131
Ph: (816) 333-7000
Fax: (816) 363-3100
http://www.nazareneworldmission.org External Site / New Window

Church World Service (CWS)

Church World Service and Witness (CWS) of the National Council of Churches of Christ in the USA from time to time have situations where they arrange for medical personnel to work in various countries that are in immediate desperate need. In the last few years, for example, they've had doctors and nurses working in Somalia, Zaire (now Congo, where personnel worked with refugees from Rwanda), Liberia, and Honduras. Honduras was the most recent situation in which we asked for volunteers for medical teams to assist people whose communities were devastated because of Hurricane Mitch. Some advanced medical students were part of the team. Service is, for the most part, from one to two weeks. We ask that volunteers pay their own way, so terms of longer than a week or two might not be possible for many students.

Click the Hotline, which can be found at the top of the home page, which will tell about emergencies that call for medical volunteers. Can also call the Hotline (800) 297-1516 ext. 11

Also, any students who want to put their names on our list for medical volunteers may call their Overseas Personnel Office at (212) 870-3591.


Jackie Carlson
Program Interpretation Specialist
475 Riverside Drive Room 678
New York NY 10115
Ph: (212) 870-2061, (212) 870-3591
Fax: (212) 870-3523
E-mail: cws@ncccusa.org
http://www.churchworldservice.org External Site / New Window

Ecuador- Voz Andes Hospital

Dr. Steve Nelson
Casilla 17-17-691
Quito, Ecuador
Ph: 593-2-478-459 (Home) and 593-2-262-142 ext 407
E-mail: snelson@hcjb.org.ec
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Evangelical Lutheran Church in America Division for Global Mission

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) health ministries are serving in nine countries: Tanzania, Liberia, Madagascar, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Senegal, Bangladesh, Chile, Peru.  ELCA health ministries focus on community-based healthcare ministries. Special emphasis is on establishing health ministries among Muslim communities. Current efforts are primarily involved with holistic health development. Hospital development continues in several countries. Throughout, the goal is to witness to Christ through holistic health services through true partnership with the local churches and communities.

Joyce Bowers, Personnel
8765 W. Higgins Rd Chicago, IL 60631
Ph: (773) 380-2649 or (800) 638-3522 ext 2649
Fax: (312) 380-2410
E-mail: jbowers@elca.org

Dr. Mark Jacobson
Selian Hospital
P.O. Box 937
Arusha, Tanzania
E-mail: mjacobson@habara.co.tz

Gabon, Central Africa- Bongolo Evangelical Mission

David and Becky Thompson (He is the Head Surgeon and she is an R.N.)

E-mail: 21cma@lbv.wint-net.org
Dr. Ray Green (Acting Supervisor until August 2000)
E-mail: 31cma@lbv.wint-net.org

Global Health Outreach/CMDA

Has several projects for 3rd and 4th yr medical students in missionary projects ranging from a few days to months.


David Stevens, MD, Executive Director
P. O. Box 5
Bristol, TN 37621
Ph: (423) 844-1000
Fax: (423) 844-1005
E-mail: 75364.331@compuserve.com
http://www.cin.com External Site / New Window
http://www.cmda.org/gho/ External Site / New Window

Global Health Resources

Global Health Resources (GHR) was established to carry on the work of providing holistic care and humanitarian relief to the developing nations. GHR is involved in furnishing donated hospital equipment, disposables and medicine to mission clinics and hospitals on the mission fields of Third World countries. We also hope to soon provide various international opportunities for long- and short-term service for health professionals and technicians. GHR receives a steady supply of donated surgical, diagnostic and laboratory equipment along with disposables and medicines from hospitals, clinics, drug companies and doctor's offices who are continually upgrading their facilities. Todate, GHR has sent medical aid to several African countries, Russia, India, the Philippine Islands, and the Ukraine.

Cecil Williamson Executive Director
PO Box 985
Starkville MS 39760
Ph: (601) 323-7857
Fax: (601) 323-7857
E-mail: 76713.263@Compuserve.com

International Aid

International Aid provides food, health and hope to those in need in over 160 countries on 6 continents in the name of Jesus Christ. It supports numerous hospitals and clinics and works incollaboration with individuals, churches, corporations and organizational partners in four service areas: emergency relief, medical programs, mission assistance, domestic programs. Medical Programs is the largest area and includes: medical emergency relief, institutional support, development projects, and medical volunteers.  International Aid has 2 affiliates - REAP International and Christian Eye Ministry.

Dr. Milton B. Amayun, Vice President International Programs
17011 W. Hickory
Spring Lake, MI 49456
Ph: (616) 846-7490
Fax: (616) 846-3842
E-mail: iai@internationalaid.org
E-mail: amayunm@internationalaid.org
http://www.gospelcom.net/ia/ External Site / New Window
  Kenya- P.C.E.A. Chogoria Hospital

Very basic rural hospital, cannot accommodate spouses, minimum placement of eight weeks.

P.O. Box 35, Chogoria, Kenya.
Ph: 011-66-22620/22017
Fax: 011-66-22122
More information about hospital

Kenya- Friends Lugulu Hospital

P.O. Box 43
Ph: 0337-41114
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Kenya- Kijabe Medical Centre

Medical Student Coordinator P.O. Box 20 Kijabe Kenya

Kenya- P.C.E.A. Kikuyu Hospital

P.O. Box 45 Kikuyu Kenya

Kenya- Maua Methodist Hospital

P.O. Box 63
Maua (via Meru),
Fax: 0167-21121
More information about hospital

Kenya- Tenwek Hospital

Carol Trachsel, Coordinator Visiting Staff
P.O. Box 39
E-mail: tenwek-visitors@maf.org
Can ask for applications through e-mail
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Kenya- P.C.E.A. Tumutumu Hospital

P.O. Karatina Kenya

Liberia- Phebe Hospital

Dr. Gwenigale
Hospital Director
E-mail: Phebe-hospital@maf.org
Sponsoring agency: Medical Ministries International
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Medical Centers of West Africa (MCWA)

The Medical Centers of West Africa, Inc. (MCWA) is a non-profit Christian organization formed in 1988. The 'Hopital de Meskine' is located in Meskine, Cameroon, and was opened in 1994. The hospital addresses the whole realm of health problems ranging from sanitation and preventive health education in the community to curative procedures (e.g., strangulated hernia repair), C-sections, corrective surgery for leprosy patients, and physical therapy. The medical staff provides surgery, maternity services, and general medicine along with treatment in the outpatient clinic.

Contact: Cheryl Yennie, Executive Director

The Medical Centers of West Africa, Inc.
1012 S. Acadian Thruway, Suite 10
Baton Rouge
LA 70806
Ph: (255)343-1814
Fax: (255)343-1934
E-mail: headquarters@mcwanet.org

Contact in Cameroon:
Scott Pyles, Field Director
E-mail: scott.pyles@gmail.com

Sends missionaries to a few hospitals worldwide: Becarah Medical Centre, Bethesda Hospital, Hopital Lumiere (Haiti).

Name of Hospital
c/o M.F.I.
Medical Student Coordinator
P.O.Box 15665
West Palm Beach, FL 33416

Nepal- Okhaldhunga Dispensary, Amp Pipal Hospital, United Mission to Nepal

Medical Elective Coordinator, United Mission to Nepal
P.O. Box 126
Kathmandu, Nepal
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Presbyterian Church (USA)

International Health Ministries, Worldwide Ministries Division, The Health Ministries Office works with partner churches to promote, restore and maintain the health of individuals, families and communities around the world. The Office emphasizes ways to alleviate the causes of ill health and promotes true health and wholeness; helps local communities to develop their own leadership and decision making; encourages training of indigenous professional and paraprofessional health workers and technicians, appropriate to local needs and available technology. The office assists health care programs in 35 countries with: training, grants and technical assistance, essential drugs, equipment and supplies, sending mission coworkers to serve wherer equested by overseas partners, and identifying needs for the mission volunteer program.


Dr. Marian McClure, Director
Bob Ellis, Associate for Program Development & Resources
100 Witherspoon St.
Louisville KY 40202-1396
Ph: (502) 569-5277
Fax: (502) 569-8039
E-mail: Bob_Ellis@Ecunet.org
http://www.pcusa.org External Site / New Window

Project Compassion

San Diego based Christian organization that conducts short-term (7-10 days) trips to developing countries. 


11808 Rancho Bernardo Rd. Suite 123 # 241
San Diego, CA 92128-1902
Ph: (619) 298-2815 Fax: (619) 298-6347
E-mail: info@projectcompassion.org
www.projectcompassion.org External Site / New Window

Real Impact Missions (RIM)
Sends medical teams to Bolivia for short term trips (about 3 weeks long).

P.O. Box 701792
Tulsa, OK 74170-1792
Ph: (800) 77GORIM
Fax: (918) 712-2528
E-mail: goinfo@realimpact.com
http://www.realimpact.com External Site / New Window

S.I.M. International

Limited opportunities in Nigeria and India for pre-clinical students; it is basically observation. Fourth year medical students have opportunities for at least 6-8 wks duration. They are supervised in clinical work. They have several hospitals in Africa as well as one in India. The application involves filling out a preliminary information form (which can be obtained through their website) or by request from office. Once approved a six page formal application is sent. Recommend beginning this process at least six months in advance-longer would be better.

Carol Kejr
P.O. Box 7900
Charlotte, NC 28241
Ph: (800) 521-6449 ext 1459 and (704) 588-4300
Fax: (704) 587-1518
E-mail: carol_k@simusa.sim.org
http://www.sim.org External Site / New Window

Southern Baptist Convention International Mission Board

Dr. Jerry Rankin, President
P. O. Box 6767
Richmond, VA 23230
Ph: (804) 353-0151
Fax: (804) 354-8970
E-mail: Info@imb.org
http://www.imb.org External Site / New Window

Swaziland- Raleigh Fitkin Memorial Hospital
Located in the 2nd largest city of Swaziland, this hospital is a busy referral center for the country. Students are given a lot of responsibility.

Dr. Bill McCoy
Raleigh Fitkin Memorial Hospital
P.O. Box 14
Manzini, Swaziland
Southern Africa
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TEAM Serve (The Evangelical Alliance Mission)
Minimum eight week placements in missionary hospitals throughout the world. Short orientation in the U.S. prior to departure.

Lisa Curry
P.O. Box 969
Wheaton, IL 60189-0969.
Ph: (800) 343-3144 and (630) 653-5300
Fax: (630) 653-1826
E-mail: lcurry@teamworld.org
http://www.teamworld.org/ External Site / New Window

United Church of Christ/Disciples of Christ - Africa Office
The Joint Ministry in Africa represents the United Church of Christ/USA and the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in the USA and Canada to 40 partner bodies in 15 African countries.
Through sharing of spiritual, material and human resources, we support health educational and pastoral ministries. At present we have about 40 staff working with churches and councils of churches in Africa.

Dan C. Hoffman, Executive Secretary
Nico Gourdet, Program Associate
PO Box 1986 Indianapolis, IN 46206
Ph: (317) 635-3100
Fax: (317) 635-4323
E-mail: Dan@dom.disciples.org
http://www.globalministries.org External Site / New Window

Vellore Christian Medical College Board (USA)

The mission of the Vellore CMC Board (USA), in obedience to Christ and in furtherance of the healing ministry of the church, is to provide support through fundraising and interpretive programs for the wide range of educational, health care and community outreach programs of Vellore CMC and Hospital (India), which were initiated and continue to be inspired by the legacy of Dr Ida S. Scudder. The Board supports and interprets the work and ministry of Vellore in the U.S. It provides quality medical care, incorporating spiritual care, to the whole country of India, especially the southeast, and to neighboring countries as well.

Philip Ansalone, Program Manager
475 Riverside Drive Suite 243
New York, NY 10115
Ph: (212) 870-2640
Fax: (212) 870-2173

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